Call for nominations for National Council
Members of the Soil & Health Association can nominate someone for the governance body, and/or submit a remit to the AGM.
The closing date for nominations and remits is FRIDAY 25 MAY 2018.
(As a subscriber to Organic NZ you may also be a member – if you need to check your membership status please contact our office – contacts below.)

Those nominated should submit a brief background history including strategic experience with a national organisation and governance strength, and a note of their aspirations for their term in office.

The National Council consists of seven elected members who are voted in for two-year terms. Marion Thomson, Mike Ryan and Moko Morris have been elected for the 2017–2019 term. The terms of Mark Houghton-Brown, Gaz Ingram and Chris May are up for renewal at the 2018 AGM. Graham Clarke is stepping down from the National Council at the AGM.

Nominations must include the names of a nominator and seconder who are eligible voting members of the Association.

Remits and other business

If submitting remits or other matters of business, please accompany these submissions with relevant information, arguments and explanations to assist members to develop an informed opinion. Remits and other matters of business must include the names of a proposer and seconder who
are eligible voting members of the Association.

Contact the Soil & Health National Office, PO Box 9693 Marion Square, Wellington 6141, 09 419 4536, .