The sci-fi world of targeted GE

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Dr Heli Matilainen explores the lightning-fast development of targeted genome engineering.   We have rapidly entered the era of ‘next generation’ genetic engineering (GE). The revolution in this field is largely due to the development and introduction of targeted genome … Read More


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The Government seems hell-bent on denying the rights of communities to have GE-free zones, which are under threat from a ‘dictator clause’, says the Soil & Health Association. “We are continuing to stand by all the communities around New Zealand … Read More

Healthy Soil

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The health of our food and therefore the health of people is dependent on the health of the soil. Most of the food we eat has been grown in a fragile layer of topsoil that has been formed over thousands of … Read More


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Education is key to ensuring an environmentally sustainable future for the planet. Just three generations ago our food came from gardens and orchards, we were all gardeners, and each bioregion was self-sufficient in most fresh foods. The opposite is now … Read More


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Conventional agriculture relies on pesticides to protect crops from pests and diseases – including synthetic herbicides to control weeds and synthetic fertilisers to promote crop growth. Over time this heavy use of synthetic chemicals reduces the soil biota and the … Read More

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