Milk – Hazard or Cure?

Organic NZ Magazine: March/April 2003 Author: Dr Bob Anderson Is anything more aggravating than buying what you understand to be organic food only to discover that it is not organic and that industry has, once again, “meddled” with it? My … Read More

Organic NZ Magazine 2002

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November/December 2002 GE Files – PSRG Update Seeds of Doubt Prove Undoubted Failure K Soil Association damning report on GE crops Travelling the World – Brendan Hoare reports on the World Summit on Sustainable Development and the International Federation of … Read More

Joint Venture into Vines

Organic NZ Magazine: November/December 2001 Author: Valerie Cowperthwaite A shared passion for wine and commitment to Organics has brought about an intriguing business partnership between Kingsley Tobin, award-winning winemaker, and John Hawkesby, late of TV news. Valerie Cowperthwaite talked to … Read More

Growing Organic Tomatoes

Organic NZ Magazine: November/December 2001 Author: Denise Mark Denise Mark describes exactly how to grow delicious, organic ‘Love Apples’. Is conventionally grown to your taste? Imagine a conventionally grown tomato, bred for long shelf life, growing in a plastic bag … Read More

Organic NZ Magazine 2001

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November/December 2001 Varroa: Native and Feral Bees Valerie Cowperthwaite on concerns raised in our previous issue Organic Olives – Andreas Welte The Gift of Giving For Children – Dee Pigneguy Christmas Gift Guide ‘Up Against The Wall’ Natalie Baragwanath talks … Read More

Starvation and Politics

Organic NZ Magazine: September/October 2001 Author: Devinder Sharma Biotechnology is not the answer to world hunger. Devinder Sharma explains how government sanctioned greed is the cause of rural poverty in India. The genetic engineering industry has been claiming that at … Read More

Feeding the World without Poisons

Organic NZ Magazine: July/August 2001 Author: Meriel Watts In May this year, Meriel Watts travelled to Senegal in West Africa to take part in Pesticide Action Network’s international conference on “Feeding the World Without Poisons”. Meriel is a member of … Read More

Organic NZ Magazine 2000

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November/December 2000 FEATURES Certenz: Friend or Foe? – Charles Merfield, Malcolm Linn, Seager Mason, Meriel Watts Pesticide Report – Meriel Watts Consumer Power – Meriel Watts From Seaweed to Lavender – Rowan Metcalfe New Zealand Supermarkets – Alan Marston European … Read More

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