Soil & Health consulted with members and the wider organic sector during April and May 2020 to make a submission to the government after it introduced the Organic Products Bill to parliament. We have long supported the push for national organic standards and corresponding regulations, in order to increase consumer confidence, promote better organic practice in New Zealand at all levels, decrease fraudulent claims and allow for equivalence with international standards in order to facilitate trade. We were however dissatisfied with many parts of the Bill, and suggested multiple changes in order to see it progress into a form that the organic sector will accept, and which will underpin the expansion of organics in Aotearoa New Zealand. Read HERE our submission made in May 2020.

Our oral submission to the Primary Production Select Committee in June resulted in an agreement to continue working collaboratively on re-writing the Bill, in consultation with all organic interest groups.

Soil & Health holds a seat on the OANZ (Organics Aotearoa NZ) Technical Working Group, so that the specific concerns of consumers and smaller domestic producers can be represented. Through our interactions there we are shaping the response by the organic sector to the government's work on this Bill. Jenny Lux currently sits on the OANZ TWG for Soil & Health, so please forward any concerns or correspondence on this matter to Jenny at