Low-tech living in a light-earth house

No fridge, doing the laundry by hand, and carting composted humanure around in a wheelbarrow are not everyone’s cup of tea, but for Wolfgang Hiepe and his wife, Sabine Drueckler-Heipe, it’s a good lifestyle. Theresa Sjoquist finds out why they’ve prioritised resilience and independence over convenience.   Wolfgang and Sabine emigrated from Germany in 1987, full of verve … Read More

Antiviral plant medicine 

Denise Cox explores the antiviral properties of plants, particularly in the forms of essential oils and tinctures.   Disclaimer This information is not intended as medical diagnosis or prescription. Please contact your healthcare provider if you feel unwell or have symptoms of covid-19.  … Read More

Expect a Miracle

Published in Organic NZ May/June 2018 – 1.5.18, Health & Food Section   Tremane Barr shares his experiences of surviving pancreatic cancer.   “Sorry, but the cancer has spread from the main 12 cm neuroendocrine tumour in the pancreas to … Read More

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