Local food, local money

Sharon Stevens looks at the connection between local, regenerative food production and homegrown currencies such as her local ‘Loaves’. From local markets to direct farmer-to-consumer relationships, regenerative agriculture is bonded with place-based economies. To support local food and other relocalisation … Read More

Whenua Warrior

Whenua Warrior Moko Morris talks with Kelly Francis, a Kai Oranga graduate and the catalyst for over 250 food gardens that have been planted since last spring. Motivated by attending a Kai Oranga course at Papatuānuku Marae, Kelly Francis (Ngāti … Read More

Editorial: TPPA smoke screen

Organic NZ Magazine: March/April 2014 Section: Regulars Author: Philippa Jamieson Smoking stinks. It kills about 5000 people in New Zealand a year, and causes or contributes to many ongoing health problems. Plain packaging of cigarettes has almost universal cross-party support … Read More

Hemp: The comeback crop

Organic NZ Magazine: November/December 2013 Section: Features Author: Rachel Rose Hemp is an ancient crop, grown for its fibre and put to thousands of uses. Unreasonably lumped in with cannabis, hemp was supplanted and restricted for nearly a hundred years … Read More

Beyond 1080

Organic NZ Magazine: March/April 2013 Section: Farming and horticulture Author: Rebecca Reider Despite what the government would have you believe about the necessity of dumping a highly dangerous toxin from the sky, effective and safe alternatives to the poisonous war … Read More

How to create a GE-free zone

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Organic NZ Magazine: March/April 2013 Section: Community Author: Zelka Grammer Zelka Grammer encourages you to press for a GE-free zone in your city, region or district Gardeners, beekeepers, seed savers, foresters, orchardists, organic growers and consumers: you know what’s at … Read More

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