Organic meal in a box

A simple cardboard box turns out to be lot more than just an intentionally plain and brand-free box. Not only is it full of healthy organic food, but the box also represents an alternative to the global commercialisation of food production and consumption, as well as being a symbol … Read More

Beauty and the feast

A passion for our natural heritage, an imaginative artistic vision, and some determined scrounge-hounding has resulted in the destination café that is Eutopia, in Northland’s Kaiwaka. Theresa Sjöquist tries the coffee and finds out what’s behind the scenes.  First opened in 2001, Eutopia Café had fallen into disrepair when Marijke Valkenburg and her husband Robert ter Veer bought it in 2014. They imagined … Read More

Nourishing our elders

Good nutrition is important for us all, and perhaps even more so as people age. Anne Gastinger offers suggestions for how older people can get the best nutrition, and shares her own family story.   In their retirement years, our parents often worked together in their garden. Both dedicated gardeners and capable … Read More

The joys of sauerkraut

By Mike Bradstock Sauerkraut is one of the healthiest preserves you can make. By a natural fermentation process it converts humble cabbage into a tasty and versatile nutrient-and-vitamin-rich product. It is high in vitamins C, K, B6, folate, and minerals … Read More

Whenua Warrior

Whenua Warrior Moko Morris talks with Kelly Francis, a Kai Oranga graduate and the catalyst for over 250 food gardens that have been planted since last spring. Motivated by attending a Kai Oranga course at Papatuānuku Marae, Kelly Francis (Ngāti … Read More

How to grow olives

By Denise Cox  First published in Organic NZ May/June 2017   Olives (Olea europea) are evergreen trees native to Northern Africa. Cultivated since prehistoric times, olives are integral to the culture, diet and economies of the Mediterranean basin. Spain produces 45% of the world’s … Read More

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