We need an organic PGS in New Zealand

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Low cost organic certifiers OFNZ (Organic Farm New Zealand) are worried about MPI’s proposed group certification scheme. OFNZ Chair Jim Bennett explains. We all want small-scale local organic producers to thrive in a new organic certification regime. Around Aotearoa, 140 … Read More

Compost solutions for urban renters

How easy is it for urban renters to compost their food scraps? Meghan Read interviews two Aucklanders in contrasting living situations about the options they’ve chosen.   Michael Sewell, 22, living in University accommodation Michael’s in his fourth year of an engineering science degree at … Read More

Antiviral plant medicine 

Denise Cox explores the antiviral properties of plants, particularly in the forms of essential oils and tinctures.   Disclaimer This information is not intended as medical diagnosis or prescription. Please contact your healthcare provider if you feel unwell or have symptoms of covid-19.  … Read More

How to make a charbecue 

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Sharon Stevens in conversation with Dennis Enright    What could be better than a summer barbie with family, friends, and neighbours?  To Dennis Enright, the answer is obvious: switch out the barbecue for a charbecue. “It’s a lot of fun.”   You’ll still cook up your kai, … Read More

Safe weed control

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in our streets and parks   – giving up glyphosate! Hana Blackmore of the group Weed Management Advisory looks at council weed management practices and how we can make our neighbourhoods safer and healthier.  Tried, trusted… yet little known  Almost unnoticed, a delicate little remit … Read More

The joys of sauerkraut

By Mike Bradstock Sauerkraut is one of the healthiest preserves you can make. By a natural fermentation process it converts humble cabbage into a tasty and versatile nutrient-and-vitamin-rich product. It is high in vitamins C, K, B6, folate, and minerals … Read More

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