Raw cows’s milk for our baby grandson

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 Ethan aged eight months with two sources of nutrition: mum Carla, and Buttercup the cow. Photo: Janette Perrett Organic NZ Magazine: July/August 2016  Author:  Janette Perrett   In the early days of the Soil & Health Association, consuming raw cow’s milk … Read More

Savings pools

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Organic NZ Magazine: March/April 2016 Section: Features Author: Frith Chamberlain Frith Chamberlain outlines a system that uses money in a fair and reciprocal way.   In November 2015 I had the pleasure of attending New Zealand’s first national ‘savings pool’ hui. This was … Read More

Local food and seed in Aotearoa NZ

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Organic NZ Magazine: March/April 2016 Section: Features Author: Rebecca Reider and Robina McCurdy   In 2012 and 2013, a team of New Zealand permaculture educators hit the road for an ambitious teaching and filming tour: the Localising Food Project. They found a … Read More

Why ban glyphosate?

Organic NZ Magazine: Sept/Oct 2015 Section: Science Watch Author: Physicians and Scientists for Global Responsibility Part two in a series by Physicians and Scientists for Global Responsibility   Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup, and other proprietary … Read More

Court battle to keep Northland GE-free

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Organic NZ Magazine: May/June 2015 Section: News Author: Philippa Jamieson An Environment Court hearing about genetic engineering is scheduled for 24 April in Whangarei. The Soil & Health Association is once again protecting the right of regional councils (this time in Northland) to … Read More

Organic and natural skincare

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Organic NZ Magazine: Jan/Feb 2015 Section: Features Author: Kyra Xavia   Many of us are mindful about what goes into our body and, as an extension of this, are also careful with what we put on our skin. This increase in … Read More

Rainwater Harvesting

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Organic NZ Magazine: November/December 2014 Section: Features Author: Rachel Rose Part 1 Water is a precious resource, the stuff of life itself. Around the world, water aquifers are drying up, groundwater is being contaminated and irrigation schemes are stressing the … Read More

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