Organic and natural skincare

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Organic NZ Magazine: Jan/Feb 2015 Section: Features Author: Kyra Xavia   Many of us are mindful about what goes into our body and, as an extension of this, are also careful with what we put on our skin. This increase in … Read More

Rainwater Harvesting

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Organic NZ Magazine: November/December 2014 Section: Features Author: Rachel Rose Part 1 Water is a precious resource, the stuff of life itself. Around the world, water aquifers are drying up, groundwater is being contaminated and irrigation schemes are stressing the … Read More

Is your soil toxic?

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Organic NZ Magazine: September/October 2014 Section: Gardening Author: Tremane Barr Tremane Barr in his vege garden after the February 2011 earthquake. His copy of Organic NZ arrived in the mail a few hours before the quake. (Photo: Tremane Barr)   … Read More

What’s in your milk? A consumer guide

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Organic NZ Magazine: July/August 2014 Section: Health and food Author: Kyra Xavia Organic raw milk served in glass. Photo: Kyra Xavia,   Milk has been an important source of nutrition for generations of New Zealanders. There is a huge … Read More

Leave only organic footprints

  Organic NZ Magazine: May/June 2014 Section: Editorial Author: Philippa Jamieson Autumn is definitely in the air and the nights are getting longer. We are approaching the Māori New Year, Matariki – or Puanga/Puaka for several iwi – read more … Read More

Amber light for dung beetles?

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Organic NZ Magazine: May/June 2014 Section: Farming and horticulture Author: Dr Nick Waipara Dr Nick Waipara explores the biosecurity issues of introducing exotic dung beetles onto organic farms in New Zealand.   Recent months have seen the first of a … Read More

Editorial: TPPA smoke screen

Organic NZ Magazine: March/April 2014 Section: Regulars Author: Philippa Jamieson Smoking stinks. It kills about 5000 people in New Zealand a year, and causes or contributes to many ongoing health problems. Plain packaging of cigarettes has almost universal cross-party support … Read More

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