What’s in that vaccine?

Organic NZ Magazine: May/June 2011 Section: Health and Food Author: Sue Claridge In the last issue of Organic NZ [March/April 2011], a reader wrote that she was ‘shocked to find out that the generic immunisation injection drug INFANRIX is based … Read More

This little farm went to market

Organic NZ Magazine: January/February 2011 Section: Guest editorial Author: Dr Christine Dann Imagine two neighbouring farms: a 100 hectare farm with two people living on it, and a 3,700 ha farm with 140 people living on it. Both farms produce … Read More

Wifi in schools – at what cost?

Organic NZ Magazine: November/December 2010 Section: Health and Food Author: Anne Gastinger Anne Gastinger investigates wireless internet technology and its potential to harm our children and future health Life without access to the internet has become unthinkable for most of … Read More

GE: don’t swallow it

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Organic NZ Magazine: July/August 2010 Section: Features Author: Kyra Xavia Kyra Xavia investigates how genetically engineered ingredients sneak into our food unlabelled, and offers tips to avoid eating them Like many Organic NZ readers you may be a conscious consumer … Read More

GE in NZ: Trials and errors

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Organic NZ Magazine: July/August 2010 Section: Features Author: Claire Bleakley GE in NZ: Trials and errors   Claire Bleakley provides an overview of the main field trials of genetically engineered animals and plants in New Zealand over the past two … Read More

A cornucopia of vegetables

Organic NZ Magazine: May/June 2010 Section: Farming and Horticulture Author: Annie Stuart Annie Stuart visits Brydone Growers Organic Farmshop south of Oamaru, and discovers a thriving and expanding market garden built on decades of organic history One of my favourite … Read More

Eucalypts: Sustainable timber

Organic NZ Magazine: July/August 2009 Section: Building Author: Philippa Jamieson Philippa Jamieson investigates a new initiative to grow and use versatile, hardwood eucalypts Do you want to plant a woodlot that will give you durable wood for farm posts and … Read More

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