Pointless field trials cost us millions

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Organic NZ Magazine: September/October 2008 Section: Science Watch Author: Elvira Dommisse Elvira Dommisse, PhD compiled a submission to ERMA on Application GMF06002 for the Soil & Health Association and PSGR (Physicians and Scientists for Global Responsibility). The submission asked ERMA … Read More

GE trees field trial at Rotorua

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Organic NZ Magazine: January/February 2008 Section: News Author: Steffan Browning Report by Steffan Browning, Soil & Health Spokesperson. I recently revisited the Scion GE tree field test site to independently appraise how well Scion (previously CRI Forest Research) were meeting … Read More

To compost or not to compost

Organic NZ Magazine: September/October 2007 Section: Gardening Author: Holger Kahl and Dr Charles Merfield Some people really love their compost heaps, but are we following good organic practices when we make compost for our gardens? Two experts take differing views. … Read More

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