GE feed the cause of contaminated milk?

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Genetically engineered stock feed could be the biggest culprit in the Clostridium botulinum contamination that caused the recent recall of some Fonterra dairy products, according to the Soil & Health Association. “New Zealand dairy cattle are eating more and more … Read More

Monsanto Drops New GE Crops in Europe

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In a major victory for health, democracy and the environment, seed and chemical company Monsanto has announced its withdrawal of applications for new genetically engineered crops in Europe. For over a decade consumers and governments have opposed GE crops being … Read More

GE crops fail to deliver food to the hungry

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New research from University of Canterbury researchers proves that genetically engineered crops have lower yields and use more pesticides than GE-free crops. The research, led by Professor Jack Heinemann, compared North American staple crop production to Western Europe over the past fifty years. The … Read More

GE labeling begins in the US

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Consumer demand has resulted in the eighth largest food and drug retailer in the US demanding GE food be labelled. Whole Foods Market, announced last week that their 5000 plus suppliers (6) will have to conform by 2018. (4) In … Read More

GM salmon claims just a fish tale

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“The recent announcement by the FDA that GM fish are safe to eat and will not adversely affect the environment is nothing more than a fish tale” says Debbie Swanwick, Spokesperson, Soil & Health – Organic NZ. Her comments follow … Read More


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The evidence against genetic engineering GE foods are not safe! Genetic engineering as used in crop development is not precise, predictable or safe. Unexpected toxins or allergens can be produced in food. We are already eating untested GE foods! No … Read More

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