Get diet drinks out of our schools!

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A petition requesting the removal of all products containing aspartame and other artificial sweeteners from schools will be presented to parliament on Thursday 17 April at 12.15pm. Free Phoenix drinks without aspartame will be distributed at the petition presentation on … Read More

Euthanase GE animals, don’t create more!

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An application by AgResearch to trial many different genetically engineered animal types in its laboratories and farms is an ugly step in the wrong direction for brand New Zealand’s clean green 100% Pure image, according to the Soil & Health … Read More

New GE onions trial a waste of resources

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Crop & Food’s application for a new, riskier field trial of genetically engineered (GE) onions, plus shallots, spring onions, garlic and leeks is a waste of resources and expertise and will receive widespread public opposition, according to the Soil & … Read More

Food safety review lacks true independence

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Soil & Health is concerned that the review of some New Zealand Food Safety Authority’s (NZFSA) decisions including A1-A2 milk, artificial sweetener aspartame and campylobacter, lacks the independence required. “In a fox in charge of the henhouse scenario, the NZFSA … Read More

GE brassica planting possibly illegal

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Soil & Health is alarmed that Crop & Food has planted genetically engineered brassicas ahead of the March 31 Wellington High Court appeal against the ERMA decision granting permission last year. The appeal by GE Free NZ was joined by … Read More

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