Can we trust the label ‘organic’?

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More than ever, consumers need to know they can trust food labels, but the word ‘organic’ is being misused by some producers. The Soil & Health Association is therefore disappointed that the Ministry for Primary Industries has abandoned discussions about … Read More

Can we keep local control over GE?

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Genetic engineering is again in the spotlight as the Soil & Health Association of NZ and GE Free Northland lead a group of interested parties in support of Whangarei District Council and Northland Regional Council in the Environment Court this … Read More

Urgent action needed on obesity

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he Soil & Health Association commends the New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA) for their policy briefing ‘Tackling Obesity’.* Obesity is a major public health issue in New Zealand. It is making people sick and unhappy, and putting a strain on … Read More

Landmark court case on GE

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One of the world’s oldest organic organisations is going to court to support caution on genetic engineering. The Soil & Health Association of New Zealand, founded in 1941, is leading a group of interested parties in support of the Bay … Read More

NZ must retain GE-free advantage

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It is disappointing that Federated Farmers is opposing council caution around genetically engineered organisms, according to the Soil & Health Association. Federated Farmers has lodged an appeal with the Environment Court, opposing the Northland Regional Council’s precautionary policy on GE. … Read More

New GE techniques slipping under radar?

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A new gene-splitting technique must be defined as genetic engineering, says the Soil & Health Association. If not, more new techniques like it may be used in crops, food and other products without our knowledge, and with unknown consequences. Zinc … Read More

Think tank calls for GE-free farming

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A Wellington think tank’s call for New Zealand to be a GE-free food and fibre producer has been welcomed by the Soil & Health Association. The latest McGuinness Institute report, ‘An Overview of Genetic Modification in New Zealand, 1973–2013’ was … Read More

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