Gardena solar-powered irrigation kit

The perfect prize for the travelling gardener! Win GARDENA’s AquaBloom solar-powered irrigation kit, which waters your plants without the need for a power supply or outdoor tap. The prize also comes with Comfort Bypass Secateurs for all your plant-snipping needs. 

The AquaBloom solar-powered irrigation kit harnesses solar power to deliver water from a bucket to your plants via micro-drip irrigation that is both water efficient and effective. It waters up to 20 potted plants on your deck, balcony, or courtyard. The Comfort Bypass Secateurs are lightweight but durable, with a safety lock and quality steel blades. Use them for cutting flowers, young shoots, and fresh wood up to 24mm in diameter. 

With reliable and premium German-designed products, GARDENA provides gardening and lifestyle solutions for all gardening tasks and types. 

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