Hemp Farm NZ

Indulge in hemp with three prize packs from Hemp New Zealand! The first pack is valued at $140 and includes two Hemp Seed Oil in Capsules, a new product offering 1000mg of hemp in each capsule, which is an excellent source ofOmegas 9, 6 and 3. The second prize is a skincare pack, containing Promise Cleansing Oil, scented with frankincense and suitable for all skin types, Promise Healing Balm, formulated with m?nuka to relieve irritated skin, and a hemp-fibre facecloth. The third prize is two organic hemp oils to elevate your salads from Hemp Farm Superfoods. All prizes are made with cold-pressed hemp seed oil that is 100 percent New Zealand grown. Hemp New Zealand is the largest hemp grower in Aotearoa, and their vegan, certified-organic brands provide hemp-based superfood and skincare products. Since 2008, the company has been growing industrial hemp to supply industries with sustainable solutions.


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