Weed Weapon Natural Power

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Weed Weapon Natural Power

Weed Weapon Natural Power

Kill your weeds fast, the natural way! 

Kiwicare is giving away six packs of Weed Weapon Natural Power in a convenient ready to use one-litre pack, and a 500 ml concentrate.  

Weed Weapon Natural Power is a fast-acting, natural herbicide, certified organic by BioGroThe concentrate version is ACVM registered, meaning it can be used near fruit and vegetables – brilliant for orchardists, vineyards and home gardeners.  

It contains natural plant-derived fatty acids and does not contain glyphosate. It remains inactive in the soil and won’t harm neighbouring plants. It controls grass weeds, broadleaf weeds, clovers, algae and moss. For best results, spray when weed growth is active and in the heat of the day. You will see visible results within 1–3 hours.

Found at DIY stores, garden centres and most supermarkets. 


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