René’s Kombucha

René’s Kombucha

René’s Kombucha

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Three lucky winners will each receive a whole box of René’s Kombucha – that’s 20 bottles of healthy probiotic brews.

René Archner has been brewing artisan kombucha commercially in Northland for six years, and now has full OrganicFarmNZ certification for all products: kombucha in bottles, kegs and DIY starter kits.

The cultured drink, based on a variety of organic teas, is not pasteurised, filtered or carbonated, and thus contains the full spectrum of live beneficial microorganisms present in the kombucha scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Refreshing and effervescent, René’s Kombucha comes in five flavours: Red Berry, Pomegranate, Lemon & Ginger, Guarana & Açai, and Turmeric & Ginseng.

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