All Memberships On Hold As We Revise Our Membership Offer!

It’s been hard to come to the decision to stop print publication of OrganicNZ magazine which is one of our outreach tools for the Soil & Health Association due to financial difficulties that could not be overcome.

We are currently looking at alternative ways that we can continue to support our members.

As such we are:

Holding a Special General Meeting on 4th May to discuss how else we can support our members and will have an option for a paid membership moving forward, with different exclusive members-only resources to  the print magazine.  We would love for you to attend either in person or online via Zoom and put forward your ideas RSVP your attendance here.

We will also have a survey going out shortly on this website, to get feedback from our members
 about what they would like to see included in their membership. We’re wide open for ideas about how we can give effect to the goals of Soil & Health. Keep an eye out on for this. We are trying our hardest to get this out as soon as possible.

We are also offering a digital version of our upcoming May/June issue which you will have access to if you remain a current member through these changes.

If you are currently a member, please check your emails for updates. You can also read more about the decision to cease print production here.

In the meantime if you’d like to purchase our current issue please go to our shop.

We are also gratefully receiving donations.