Jan/Feb Issue


Welcome to our summer issue! Kick back and relax with the latest issue of Organic NZ. Savour the picnic recipes and be inspired by the slow travel and wwoofing adventures.

This issue is bursting with practical advice and tips for summer gardening, growing your own herb teas, and saying goodbye to stress!

  • Want a holiday project? Learn how to make your own natural insect repellents.
  • Or, have a go at building a DIY shed or emergency shelter.
  • We celebrate Harry and Mary Lowe of NZ BioGrains who’ve been in the organic grain business for over 30 years.
  • How can we grow the organic sector? There’s a discussion here about better marketing, the pricing and valuing of organics, support and advice for new producers, and regulation of the term ‘organic’.

PLUS: the ever-popular moon calendar, prizes, and more…


  • Slow travel: Adventures of a low-carbon globetrotter, by Maureen Howard
  • Ana Aloma: Organic queen, by Theresa Sjöquist
  • Work hard, play hard: Philippa Jamieson goes wwoofing in Europe


  • 20 top tips for summer gardening by Mike Bradstock
  • Grow your own herbal teas by Denise Cox
  • Moon calendar for January and February by Rachel Pomeroy

Health and food

  • Tips and recipes for summer picnics by chefs and food bloggers from around NZ, compiled by Anissa Ljanta
  • Natural insect repellents by Denise Cox
  • Goodbye stress! How to overcome stress, depression and sleep problems naturally, by Sandra Clair
  • Tending your inner garden: A gut health article by Kyra Xavia

Science watch

  • GE food: What are the risks to our health?

Farming and horticulture

  • Meet the fungi, part 5: the oomycetes, by Dr Tim Jenkins
  • The millers’ tale: Harry and Mary Lowe of New Zealand BioGrains, by Sandie Finnie

Organic sector

  • An organic future: How do we get there? Part 2 – RK Rose looks at the challenges and opportunities facing the organic sector

Building and technology

  • Gimme shelter: How to build a simple shed, sleepout or emergency shelter, by Nelson Lebo


  • Editorial, Letters, Competitions, News, Book reviews, Things we like, What’s on,
  • Soil & Health contacts, and obituaries of Soil & Health members Diana Kirpensteijn and Peter Green

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