May/June 2017 issue


  • Bostock’s bounty – John Bostock: feeding the global demand for organic and GE-free, by Martin Freeth
  • Living the good life in a bus: Trudy Kessels interviews the ‘Loop Crew’
  • Gardening is a revolutionary act! Profile of Dee Pignéguy, by Crispin Caldicott



  • The paradox of rhubarb, by Denise Cox
  • How to grow olives, by Denise Cox
  • Moon calendar for May and June by Rachel Pomeroy


Health and food

  • Make your own tempeh, by Diana Noonan
  • Café Kōrero, by Anissa Ljanta
  • Men’s health, by Sandra Clair
  • A rainbow diet reverses chronic disease, by David Hodges


Science watch

  • Iodine and selenium: the missing elements, by Michael Godfrey


Farming and horticulture

  • Meet the bacteria, part 2 – Cyanobacteria, by Dr Tim Jenkins
  • A farm-to-kitchen model in India, by Hilary Bain
  • The thorny problem of gorse control, by Jeanette Fitzsimons
  • Grow your own firewood, by Mike Bradstock


Building and technology

  • Brewing up biogas: Theresa Sjöquist discovers a ‘chorizo’ biogas system at Permadynamics



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Organic NZ May June 2017

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