Ceres Organics — A small company with a BIG purpose

A small company with a big purpose – to bring healing to the Earth and humankind.

“Our belief is that every bite we each take can make for a better tomorrow. By choosing organic food, we can create positive change in the world.”

Ceres Organics is a New Zealand company a little bit obsessed with enabling organics to be a part of everyday life for everyone. Their story started back in the early 1980’s, as a small collective of like-minded people concerned about the issues society was facing and how they might best tackle those. This collective held a shared belief that the foundation for a good life began with nourishing ourselves with healthy food, and without doubt natures best medicine was organic food. 

Starting with a forward-thinking mother, Juliet Lamont, on a mission to bring her kids up on nutrient-rich organic food, running a stand at a school fair to find others on the same path. This led to the first urban organic co-op and the joining of a group of friends with a shared vision to heal the world, including Rodnie and Noel, who are still there today. Ceres wholefoods store in Ellerslie opened a few years later, and by 2001, Ceres Organics became the first BioGro-certified organic distributor in New Zealand.

The original vision of their founders continues to guide the company in making the best decisions possible for the planet and its people. They’ve built up a great supply of organic foods over the years, and now have over 300 products under the Ceres Organics brand that they distribute to supermarkets and specialty shops across NZ.

Being certified organic has been hugely important to Ceres Organics. They go to a lot of effort sourcing the best organic ingredients, and being certified means they can trace every product right back to the farm it came from.

“Our food is grown and harvested in its most natural state through organic farming practices that reduce your exposure to harmful chemical residues, are minimally processed, and prioritise nutrient-rich soils and biodiversity. GMO products and GE processes are prohibited. We also ensure a cleaner ingredients list because questionable artificial additives aren’t permitted. The result is food full of organic nutrients, flavour and tasting like real food should.”

Ceres Organics recognise that Organic Certification helps to protect the health of our soil and ecosystems by working in harmony with nature and focusing on soil fertility as the foundation of a healthy crop. 

Organic agriculture can even sequester carbon back into the soil. It’s a stark contrast to conventional agriculture, which focuses on boosting plant growth with the use of synthetic chemicals that degrade the quality of our soil, our waterways, and the air we breathe – all chasing short-term profits. Never genetically modified, their food is real. No artificial chemicals enter the food chain at any stage of the journey. Every nut, seed, and superfood is traceable from planting to purchase.

“Our growers don’t have to deal with nasty chemicals, making for safer working environments, and we support fair working conditions and prices. By choosing organic, we bring healing to the earth and humankind and contribute to a better future for everyone. And that’s our goal.”

40 years on, and their goal hasn’t changed.

Ceres Organics’ belief in what they’re doing has only grown stronger and the urgency greater. They are still the passionate believers, and now the world has begun to wake up to the benefits of organics and their products are now available in hundreds of stores where their organic goodness is available to many.

“To us the future is organic. We think it’s a key driver to help the world’s economic, ecological, and social problems. Our ingredients push sustainability one step further, into regeneration. We utilise local and renewable resources, growing things where they naturally grow best.”

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