Organic NZ Beverage of the Year

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This award recognises the most popular organic beverage in Aotearoa this year.   

The Finalists

Announced on 3 April 2023

Durham Farms Organic A2 Milk
Our nominators said: “The milk is so creamy and tastes amazing. Durham Farms promote zero waste packaging, using a bottle deposit scheme which encourages customers to clean the bottle and bring it back for reuse. The bottles of milk are produced on farm and delivered directly to our customers.”

FruitCru Organic Cider and Pét Nat
Our nominators said: “These guys are certified organic with Organic Farm NZ. They create a completely natural fruit cider/wine range using seconds of fruit that could go to waste. An eclectic mix of apples, pears, quinces, plums, elderflower, kiwifruit, feijoas, and more. This year is their second vintage after a sell out first vintage in 2021.”

IncaFe Organic Coffee
Our nominators said: “IncaFe provide an unrivaled certified organic coffee, made in New Zealand. We love the Marin estate beans which we grind and use in our machine. This coffee is also very competitively priced and arrives within a few days of order. Best organic coffee around and value for money. Tastes great and consistent quality. I have huge respect for the people and their back story. In a world of “greenwashing” it’s great to know that they go further than Certified Organic, right back to their relationship with local growers.”

Little Shaggery Farm Apple & Feijoa Juice
Our nominators said: “Taste and consistency are amazing! Not excessively sweet like most store-bought juices.”

Otis Oat Milk – the Organic One
Our nominators said: ” It’s a delicious, simple and clean recipe. Otis have broken barriers getting the oats grown and milled by promoting organics. Personally I think they deserve credit!”

Tempus Tonics Ginger Pear Shrub
Our nominators said: “Made in small batches and certified organic using as much as possible the fruit grown on the organic orchard. I like to drink this and the other flavours mixed with soda water. Makes a most refreshing drink and while indulging in it I also know that I am gaining the benefit of the apple cider vinegar which is one of the main ingredients.”

Vivace Coffee Beans, Papua New Guinea Highlands Organic Organic Agricultural Cooperative
Our nominators said: “After having tried many different coffee beans over the years we finally stayed with Vivace. The flavour is superb, consistent and smooth. The strength is just perfect for our taste plus the company is straight forward, efficient and extremely reliable to order from online.”

The criteria

Nominations for this category have to be:

  • A drink! Anything that goes towards quenching your thirst or providing a delightful accompaniment to food. This includes bottled, canned or sachet drinks – anything you’d serve up in a cup or glass and enjoy with friends and family.
  • Organic! The product needs to carry an organic certification. This include Hua Parakore verification, OFNZ organic certification or organic certification e.g. from BioGro, Asure Quality or accredited international certifiers.

How to Vote

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