Fueling families and protecting the planet

Chantal Organics is an award-winning New Zealand-owned company that was established in 1978 and is driven by a passion to fuel families and protect the planet.
Built on the foundations of organic and sustainable practices, they offer a range of products that captures the genius of nature and provides true nutrition to Kiwis.

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face as a country and as people. Interestingly, according to the Ministry of Environment, the majority of New Zealanders (62%) are optimistic that we as individuals can make a difference in this area, and in fact 76% agree that it is our responsibility to do so.

Sustainability. It’s a popular buzzword with many brands. But with climate change an ever-present thorn in society’s side, and clearly a growing concern amongst New Zealanders, it’s important consumers transform their consumption habits, making healthier choices – not just for themselves, but for the planet as well.

But where to start?

Opting to purchase certified organic products is a simple yet effective way to begin. Chantal Organics recognises that simply ‘sustaining’ is no longer enough. As a business, it actively focuses on improving its impact on the environment, delivering low-environmental-impact products consumers can feel good about.

From humble beginnings 45 years ago, Chantal Organics was an idea born out of a group of Hawke’s Bay families and their shared desire to source and consume whole foods they couldn’t find in supermarkets. Today, the brand continues to operate out of Hawke’s Bay but has naturally evolved into a business that offers over 166 certified organic retail and bulk products, and 115 fresh produce items to Kiwis around New Zealand and beyond.

Persistent in its pursuit for bettering the way in which people consume, Chantal Organics is continuously exploring ways to reinvent the food category, replacing processed products packed with preservatives and additives, with organic food that’s overflowing with delicious flavours made from ingredients close to nature.

The breadth of its product range offers consumers the opportunity to opt for healthy and sustainable alternatives for household staples. Ranging from baking ingredients like various types of flour to tasty sauces to cook with such as the Tamari Soy Sauce, or even its healthy twist on a Kiwi-favourite Tomato Ketchup to squirt on top of your favourite dish.

For those looking for convenience, its range of on-the-go goodness products like the Protein Bars boosted with more than one billion beneficial probiotics and its just-add-water oat cups are a great way to bring holistic goodness and the great taste of nature’s bounty into the day.

With changing eating habits, especially in the younger generations, snack foods have become increasingly popular with consumers Naturally, Chantal Organics sought out a way to offer consumers a fun and delicious snack made with the best organic ingredients.

Thus, it introduced the tasty Organic Corn Puffs which landed on supermarket shelves in April, shaking up the snacking category with its unique flavours; Bang Bang BBQ, Churro Style and Peanut Butter.

Made from certified organic, non-GMO, whole grain corn, Chantal Organics’ Organic Corn Puffs are baked into a light and super crunchy puff and covered with a unique blend of seasonings and spices to create a mouth-watering flavour – so crunchy and satisfying, that one puff is never enough!

Further reducing its environmental impact, the Organic Puffs are packaged in a soft plastic recyclable pouch – much like many of other Chantal Organics packaged products, such as its granolas, trail mixes and flours. Together – when consumers join the movement and recycle the soft plastics – they’ll divert over 290,000 plastic pouches from landfill annually.

In fact, their entire product offering is packaged in a way that is kinder on the planet. Presently, its glass jars and bottles, metal lids and BPA cans – containing products such as its beans and pasta sauces – are kerbside recyclable. Taking things one-step further, Chantal Organics replaced the plastic tamper evident seals on its glass jars with a more sustainable paper seal option. In their ongoing efforts towards sustainability all the labels on the spreads range use Rockstock paper. This revolutionary Rich Mineral Paper is tree-free and manufactured from milled quarry waste stone, marble, tile and offcuts from the building industry. Rockstock production uses relatively little energy, does not require water or use fossil fuels and the paper mills create no air pollution, no toxic run off and no water pollution. It is recyclable, photo degradable and even compostable, when sufficient heat is present.

Along with expanding and improving its product range, Chantal Organics is always looking for ways to better its packaging solutions. They bring the genius of nature to the plate in a sustainable manner and shape the way people consume by offering products Kiwis can feel good about.

While the conversation around sustainability can feel overwhelming, it’s an evolving journey that Chantal Organics is right next to consumers on. If you’re looking for ways to incorporate more organic ingredients into your day, their website hosts a plethora of recipes that make it one step easier. Their blog also houses useful tips around recycling and reducing waste, such as in lunchboxes and in gift-giving.

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