Organic NZ Farmer of the Year

Presented by Biolchim

This award recognises a leader who has played an instrumental role in the organic community, celebrating those whose work showcases organic regenerative farming systems.

It is open to certified organic or verified kai atua food producers who are successfully leading the way to rebuild biodiversity, mitigate climate change and work in harmony with nature and the planet to provide healthy food or other organic products.

The criteria

Nominations will be assessed on the following criteria.

  • Environmental protection – How are the growing methods protecting and building biodiversity and helping to mitigate climate change?
  • Social responsibility – How does the work contribute to the local community? What connections to tangata whenua exist?
  • Economic sustainability – What evidence is there for the financial viability of the work? How successful are the products or services provided?

Note: judges will also take into account other practices consistent with organic production. The following are examples of relevant practices and are not requirements for entry: packaging practices, sustainable energy and resource use, advocacy for organics and other certifications such as living wage, carbon zero.  

The finalists are

Jenny Lux
Jenny runs Lux Organic, a certified organic farm. Jenny has been nominated for the regenerative organic methods used on farm such as polycropping, no tilling, no dig gardens, and composting all farm “waste” which is used back on the whenua. 

Coral Remiro
Coral is studying soil ecology through the Soil Food Web School and works at Earth Stewards Certified Organic Urban Farm. Coral has been nominated for her work researching and implementing trials to improve soil biology. Soil health and climate change mitigation is the total long term focus of her operation. 

Ryan Fraser
Ryan works at Paritua Vineyards in Hawke’s Bay which is in its second year of fully organic management. Ryan has been nominated for his work protecting biodiversity on the vineyard and his work in the wider community to improve the river catchment environment. 

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