Atiamuri Loyal to Soil on-farm event with Dr Christine Jones

Wilith Farm, 2212 State Highway 30, RD 1, Atiamuri 3078 | Friday 5 May, 10 am – 4 pm

AgriSea New Zealand alongside Rere Ki Tua Rere Ki Tai; invites you to learn about significant insights into the role of soil biology for fixing nitrogen, preventing leaching and raising farm profitability. Get on farm with Miah and Jenny Smith’s Wilith Farm in Atiamuri as Dr Christine Jones walks through the secret life of soil and its role in climate action and resilience after a seven year journey with AgriSea.

Learn how to:

  • Support the innate capacity of soil microbial communities to fix atmospheric nitrogen biologically.
  • Improve the capacity of the soil to act as an effective bio-filter.
  • Incorporate as much pasture diversity as possible to reduce the excretion of urinary N by livestock with the potential to reduce or eliminate the need for inorganic fertiliser.

Spaces are limited! Tickets cost $95 + booking fee – to book and for the full programme, visit

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