OrganicNZ Non-food Product of the Year

Voting runs from 3 April – 2 May

This award recognises the most popular organic product outside the food and beverage categories. It is an open category that includes all the amazing organic products that are inputs for organic farming, that are used as cosmetics, or in fashion.

The Criteria

Nominations for this category have to be:

  • Not a food, and not a beverage! Otherwise, anything goes, basically. Celebrate the organic products that support our organic growers, such as soil conditioners or treatments, or highlight the amazing cosmetics and fashion products produced organically.
  • Organic! The product needs to carry an organic certification. This includes Hua Parakore verification, OFNZ organic certification or organic certification, e.g. from BioGro, Asure Quality or accredited international certifiers.

The finalists

Everkind Natural Deodorant
Ultra-effective, ultra-gentle natural deodorant, a multi-award winner in NZ and globally recognised. Certified organic, aluminium-free, and eco-friendly with no chemical nasties, this plastic-free, eco-friendly product lasts up to three months and is backed by a 100% happiness guarantee.

Earth’s Kitchen Sunscreen
Earth’s Kitchen is a skincare brand rooted in natural healing wisdom from indigenous cultures. Founder Jules Bright’s journey led to triple diplomas in naturopathy and herbalism, specialising in New Zealand native plants. Their natural sunscreen, the world’s first BioGro-certified SPF50, combines potent ingredients with botanical intelligence for effective, synthetic-free skincare.

Absolute Essentials Essential Oils
The Absolute Essentials range prioritises sustainable supply chains, sourcing organic ingredients from 59 countries. It collaborates with small-holding, eco-conscious farmers and processes raw materials in the Aotearoa facility for sustainable manufacturing. Sold by professionals, not through multi-level marketing, it ensures quality and ethical distribution.

Roots, Shoots & Fruits Rootella
Rootella inoculates into plant roots, sending out microscopic threads that provide plant resilience to disease, access to water and hard-to-reach minerals. Through the enzymes produced by the fungi, carbon is sequestered from the atmosphere and stored in carbon sinks deep in the earth.

Antipodes Lime Caviar Collagen-Rich Firming Cream
Antipodes is a mindful brand committed to meaningful change. Lime Caviar Collagen-Rich Firming Cream is a certified organic and vegan face moisturiser designed to support and strengthen skin’s natural function.

Each vote you make gives you one entry into the draw to win one of two $50 Kings Seeds Vouchers. Voting closes on 2 May, the winners of the seeds will be notified shortly after.

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