Organic NZ Non-food Product of the Year

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This award recognises the most popular organic product outside of the food and beverage categories. It is an open category that includes all the amazing organic products that are inputs for organic farming, that are used as cosmetics, or in fashion.

The Finalists

Announced on 3 April 2023

Biolchim’s Protamin fertiliser range
Our nominators said: “The way this replaces synthetic nitrogen has a sustainable effect from a farming point of view. It has a low environmental impact and high nutritional efficiency due to the modulated release of nitrogen and other essential nutrients.”

Linden Leaves Miraculous Facial Oil
Our nominators said: “It’s natural, cruelty free, vegan and made in NZ. Smooths the skin and nourishes, minimising the appearance of lines and too much time in the elements.”

Oi Organic hygiene products
Our nominators said: “Only tampons, pads & liners which are 100% biodegradable, GOTS & BioGro certified, no plastics, toxins or chemicals. All biodegradable packaging with vegetable inks. Wholly NZ owned.”

Penergetic B-Soil Improvement
Our nominators said: “These are IFOAM & NZ BioGro certified (6298), standalone products. They offer new tools to farming communities to break the dependence on synthetics. They stimulate existing biological organisms, which we know are responsible for most of the natural processes & cycles supporting agriculture.”

The criteria

Nominations for this category have to be:

  • Not a food, and not a beverage! Anything goes basically. Celebrate the organic products that support our organic growers such as soil conditioners or treatments; or highlight the amazing cosmetics and fashion products produced organically.
  • Organic! The product needs to carry an organic certification. This include Hua Parakore verification, OFNZ organic certification or organic certification e.g. from BioGro, Asure Quality or accredited international certifiers.

How to Vote

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