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Produced in Switzerland and distributed to 40 countries, Penergetic’s range of organic biostimulants are used in agriculture to reactivate existing biology back to natural levels by addressing underlying issues causing the biology’s current decline.  

Benefits include improved soil structures and stronger plant growth with increased yields giving rise to healthier and more vibrant crops and animals. 

Penergetic products are IFOAM and Biogro NZ certified and can help conventional farmers and growers to significantly reduce synthetic fertiliser input. 

Penergetic International started product development and trials in Switzerland in 1979, with commercial production and distribution commencing in 2001. The family business approach is based on values: respectful interaction with humans and nature, fairness and social relationships.

Amongst the biggest challenges in modern agriculture is developing sustainable systems that can economically produce food and fibre with little impact on environmental resources. Penergetic harnesses this challenge with a suite of products that use innovative biostimulation technology that increases biological activity in all agricultural sub-systems naturally.

For example, Penergetic’s Soil & Plant products work synergistically to restore and restructure soil and to boost productivity and nutrition of plants. Soil structures are naturally improved with enriched biological quality, photosynthesis is optimised, and plants grow healthier roots with strengthened immunity. These benefits lead to lower fertiliser requirements, increased climate tolerance, boosted natural resistance to pests & diseases, and sustainable farming. 

The Science 

These scientific studies published in the Journal of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences June 2020, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp.1-7, show in-vitro studies of growth in 2 bacteria (growth-promoting Trichoderma, and nitrogen-fixing Bradyrhizobium) and 2 fungi (Mycorrhizal and Suillus) before and after Penergetic treatment. 

Lab results extend to fields & pastures 

The above studies document how for four microbiological organisms commonly observed in agriculture, Penergetic biostimulation significantly increases activity.  

The same stimulation effect is evident in fields and on crops and pastures, as plants and animals respond to the increased biological activity with higher yields and higher quality products.  

Added Penergetic, combined with a rational reduction in fertiliser inputs, gives the stimulated biology increased chance of survival and reduces environmental impact. 

Trials & testimonials 

The following local trials were conducted at the BHU Future Farming Centre (Canterbury), indicate significant yield improvements using Penergetic b-Soil & p-Plant achieving 27% and 13% yield increases: 

This trial conducted in Waihi, has 67% increase in total fungi using COMPOST: 

Refer to the website for further scientific reports, field testimonies, and trials – 

The Products 

Penergetic products are suitable for all agricultural environments, soils, crops, & climates and offer a huge range of benefits: 

b-Soil: boosts soil activity, supports biological activity, stimulates fertility, supports root growth, activates humus formation, helps with soil compaction. (Most effective if used with p-Plant) 

p-Plant: promotes increased yields and improves plant quality. Influences soil life, supports root growth, promotes vitality, reduction of use of additives, beneficial for the environment 

k-Compost: promotes humus formation and improves the climate in animal housing. Supports fast rotting, improves compost activity, supports humus formation, mitigates barn odours, helps with flies.  

g-Slurry: produces valuable liquid manure. Suitable for dairy and pig manure, helps to remove layers, reduces requirements for pit agitation, supports homogeneous fertiliser, abatement of odour. 

t-Animal: for sustainable and healthy animal husbandry. Improves digestion, promotes feed conversion, better fattening results, boosts the immune system, fewer animal losses. 

w-Water Remediation: reactivates existing water-cleaning microbiology in still water like tanks, dugouts, ponds, reservoirs, dams, even lakes. Penergetic water works to re-establish equilibrium and to overcome previous detrimental conditions. 

WATER Restructuring & Revitalisation: the AquaKat range of water-treatment devices can be used anywhere drinking or processed water is used or consumed by humans, animals & plants. The action promotes vitality & supports plant growth, leads to greater feed efficiency with higher water consumption by animals, savings with optimisation of additives, less need for cleaning and reduces non-operating time. 

New Zealand distribution 

Penergetic New Zealand Limited was set up in 2020 as the national distributor and stockist of Penergetic products. For more information visit: 

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