Watch the Organic Living Lab series

Watch the Organic Living Lab Series!

Thanks to everyone who join us for the first Organic Living Lab Series this Organic Week. The recordings of the four webinar workshops are now live and ready to watch and share.

We’d like to thank all our Organic Week sponsors, particularly our platinum and gold sponsors, Woolworths and Ceres Organics. Without their support, Organic Week and these free events couldn’t happen.

Preserving your Harvest with Yotam & Niva Kay

Watch this insightful workshop led by Yotam and Niva Kay, the dynamic duo behind Pākaraka Permaculture and authors of the acclaimed books The Abundant Kitchen and The Abundant Garden. Learn valuable techniques for preserving your harvest and making the most of your home-grown produce. Learn more about Pākaraka Permaculture here >

Shifts: A Guide to LowTox Living on a Budget with Sarah Reddington

Discover the secrets to embracing a low-toxin lifestyle without breaking the bank. Sarah Reddington, also known as the Low Toxin Rabbit, will share practical tips and tricks for making simple shifts towards a healthier and more environmentally friendly way of living. Get more practical tips for clean living on Sarah’s website here >

From Idea to Action: Starting an Organic Food Cooperative with Robyn Guyton

Have you ever dreamt of starting your own organic food cooperative? Join Robyn Guyton from the Riverton Environment Centre as she guides you through the process of turning your ideas into actionable steps towards building a thriving organic community. Learn more about Robyn and her work at the Riverton Environmental Centre >

Closing the Loop: The Art of Composting with Katrina Wolff

Learn about the transformative power of composting with Katrina Wolff from Blue Borage. Discover the art behind closing the loop in your sustainable living practices and unlock the potential of composting to enrich your garden and reduce waste. Learn more about Katrina and her composting coaching and courses >

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