Zealong Tea Estate

Who we are 

Zealong Tea Estate is widely regarded as a Waikato icon and the only commercial tea estate in New Zealand, producing award-winning, certified organic, New Zealand-grown tea. Offering serene views, a variety of event venues, public activities and tours, Zealong Tea Estate is a must-visit destination.

How we started 

It Started With A Camellia: In 1996, a flowering camellia in the Waikato inspired Vincent Chen-

"Tea is a kind of camellia… maybe tea could grow here too."

A dream was born. Starting with only 130 tea cuttings - the survivors of 1,500 personally collected and brought to New Zealand from Asia's best tea-growing region - Vincent learned the art of tea in New Zealand’s unique and pure environment.

Today, over 1.2 million tea plants thrive in the estate as a testimony to that dream and a promise of the only true New Zealand tea. Zealong – 100% certified organic, traceable, and produced without compromise.

Our commitment to organics 

Zealong's mission is to work with nature to produce the world's purest teas.

Discerning tea drinkers are increasingly concerned about environmental issues and sustainability, food safety and country of origin, and fair trade and labour shortages in the tea world. Growing tea in a new country provided the clean slate needed to allay these concerns, with not only 100% organic certification but also full traceability of the tea from soil to sip - a unique status in the tea industry.

We know exactly what’s in our tea – and what isn’t. No additives, no residues, and no heavy metals. Clean air, fertile soils, a warming sun, and cleansing waters are all the ingredients that bring distinction to the Zealong brand and its premium-quality, international award-winning teas.