Blessings on the Earth

Explore ritual, connection and gratitude with the earth in this expansive afternoon.

Over the course of our time together we will embrace the interconnectedness of everything, by creating nature mandalas, dropping into states of presence, and partake in a biodynamic preparation 500 stir and spread – an incredibly connected blessing ritual for the earth.

The ritual will include heating rainwater slowly over natural means, adding the potent preparation, and stirring for one hour in community with intention, connection and reverence for all that is around us and within us. We will then proceed to spread the preparation out onto the land, blessing the earth.

Biodynamic preparation 500 is a living substance which is an incredible gift to and from the cosmos. It helps build soil structure, stimulates microbial activity and the formation of humus, assists in root development to greater depths, improves absorption and retention of water in the soil and begins to bring overall ecological balance. It is made using fresh cow manure buried in cow horns in fertile soils through autumn and winter, transforming it into a potent and fertile preparation for the earth in a deep act of gratitude.

Everyone is welcome, no matter where you are on your journey.

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Your guide for this unfolding will be Monique Macfarlane from Natural Wisdom. Over the course of this lifetime, Monique has explored many different modalities such as biodynamics, planting by the moon, nature communication, maramataka, cyclical living for women, somatic experiencing, classical tantra, non-violent communication and photography.

An avid lover of food, the land called her home seven years ago, and she is based on eight hectares that is certified organic, and co-created with biodynamic, regenerative agriculture, holistic grazing and no-till principles. A small market garden, young orchard, beloved cows, chooks, agroforestry, and regenerative wilding areas of native bush will be our playground for this experience.

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Special thanks to Kete Ora Trust and Anthroposophical Society New Zealand, this free event is part of a series in Autumn / Winter 2024 after Monique attended the international Agriculture Conference in February 2024 at the Goetheanum in Switzerland.

Introducing the Kete Ora Trust

The aim of the Kete Ora Trust is simple – to grow a better Aotearoa. Over the past 25 years, Kete Ora has funded a range of education and research projects for biodynamic, organic and regenerative land use. Kete Ora is an independent registered charity and is proud to have invested 100% of its investors’ donations into programmes that are helping to future-proof land-use, communities, the environment and climate. The Trust welcomes enquiries for funding, or for donations that will help further its work.

Email the Trust at for more information.