Closing the Loop: The Art of Composting with Katrina Wolff, Blue Borage

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In this session, Join Katrina in celebrating Organic Week as she unveils the magic of crafting organic soil. Discover the simplicity of composting and embrace the art of creating a truly circular garden. Say farewell to buying soil forever. Whether you’re a beginner or have limited space, even your apartment balcony can become a sanctuary for turning food scraps into rich soil. Alongside Katrina’s guidance, explore troubleshooting tips and unearth nifty products not typically found in garden centres. Are you ready to embark on a journey of gentle earth stewardship?

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About Katrina Wolff
Katrina’s composting consultancy ‘Blue Borage’ advises home gardeners, community groups, schools and workplaces on how to improve their composting systems, using worm farms for food scraps and hot compost for garden waste. She began teaching composting in 2018, and for the last six years has helped thousands of home gardeners create closed loop, fully circular gardening systems, using holistic management of invasive weeds. Most home gardeners could easily stop buying soil, stop using toxic weedkillers, and cancel their garden waste collections.

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