From Idea to Action: Starting an Organic Food Cooperative with Robyn Guyton

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Robyn & Robert Guyton established the Riverton Organic Food Co-op over 25 years ago. It began humbly in a garage with members ranging from seasoned growers to newcomers, all willing to share expertise and resources. The co-op evolved from bulk buying to a volunteer-run shop and operates in the town’s Environment Centre; despite challenges, the co-op thrives, embodying a vision of widespread organic food access.

Would you like to improve access to affordable organic options in your neighbourhood? Hear Robyn’s story and get some practical tips to start your own.

About Robyn Guyton
Originally from Otago but now a Riverton local, Robyn is the cornerstone of Riverton’s Environment Centre, spearheading numerous projects in the Southland region, from her family’s Forest Garden to the Heritage Orchard Project and the more recent Longwood Loop.

Learn more about Robyn’s work here.