Avondale – Six Inches of Soil Screening – Auckland

Feature documentary screening, followed by lively discussion panel & audience participation.

Delivered in conjunction with Kelmarna Community Gardens & Quorum Sense.

Soil & Health present for Organic Week a fun evening of thought provoking cinema, inspiration to be a participant in the Auckland organic ecosystem. Find your niche as a grower, an enabler and a reveller in the abundance of organic food, nutraceuticals, medicinals, clothing & housing. Connect with people you resonate with and start new opportunities.

The unique style of Hollywood’s loyal membership audience will give this event some additional energy and collaboration. A complete contrast to the sci-fi genre, yet it also highlights that all those beings on those featured planets are also trying to trade in nutricious foods or for control of the planets that grow it.

Consider some green fancy dress to express your style for this green carpet event.

Doors open at 17:30. Non-allocated seating, group with your friends!
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