Organic NZ Magazine 2001

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November/December 2001

Varroa: Native and Feral Bees
Valerie Cowperthwaite on concerns raised in our previous issue
Organic Olives – Andreas Welte
The Gift of Giving For Children – Dee Pigneguy
Christmas Gift Guide
‘Up Against The Wall’ Natalie Baragwanath talks to Alannah Currie about GE
Ensuring an Authentic Eco-Nation by 2020 – Brendan Hoare
Ashburton Winter WasteFest – Mark Hill
Mike’s Mild: Organically Brewed Martin de Jong visits a brewery
Are Fast Foods Harming Our Pets? Animals need healthy fats – Sarndra Urwin
Organic Agriculture in Cuba – Gary and Emily Williams report
The Duchess of Dirt – Dee Pigneguy
Carrot Rust Fly Control – Mark Hill talks to a science fair winner


September/October 2001

GE Files
Reactions to the report of the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification
GE Files: Action Alert – What you can do to stop GE
Pesticide Report – Meriel Watts
The role of Natural Medicine in conventional cancer treatment – Kate McLeary
Gardener’s Guide Crop rotation
The Romantic Vegetable Garden – More organic principles by Christine Dann on healthy plants
Using water wisely – Janet Walker’s tips on water in the garden
The edible garden in September and October
The Herb Garden – Pam Blowers on Lemon Balm
Enquire Within -Some questions answered
Insect Allies – John Early on new biocontrols
Notes From My Garden – Brendan Hoare’s suburban garden
Varroa threat to pastoral farming – Bridget Henderson
Wild Card Weather – John Pearce – climate change
Organic Grower Harry Lowe of NZ Bio Grains
Vermicompost in the vineyard
Purebread from Paraparaumu
Pat Wright visits the Grape Escape
Bridget Henderson – household cleaners
Nurturing the newborn – Sarndra Urwin’s remedies for mother and baby
Concentrated Cruelty – SAFE’s new campaign
Kildara farms – Dee Pigneguy in Canada
Organic Cities – Matt Morris
Metrowater on Waiheke – Janet Moore on privatisation

July/August 2001

Molecular Kaitiakitanga A Maori perspective from Jessica Hutchings
Pesticide Report – Meriel Watts
Clean, Green, Organic Golf – Meriel Watts
GE Files: ’Til the Cows Come Home – GE cows and MS – Sean Weaver
Hypothyroidism – Kate McLeary describes a common complaint
Gardener’s Guide – basic pest control
Let Them Eat Cake – Prof. Elaine Ingham on soil micro-organisms
The edible garden in July and August
The Herb Garden – Pam Blowers on comfrey
The Romantic Vegetable Garden -­ Organic by Design – Christine Dann on soil saving and water use
Notes From My Garden – Dee Pigneguy visits Tamahunga Gardens
Golden Glory – Bridget Henderson restoring maize
Dreaming On – John Pearce clearing hurdles
Denise Mark – growing crops under plastic
Organic Foodie Peta Mathias
Eating Out Organics – Real Earth Cafe in Wellington
Pampering our Treasures – Dee Pigneguy on disposable nappies
Getting to the Bottom of Baby Products – Dee Pigneguy visits Nature Baby
Organic Baby Foods – Mark Hill talks to Almeric Chang
Herb Garden – Pam Blowers
North Island Gardening – Kay Baxter
South Island Gardening – Pat Wright
Further South Island Gardening – David Prosser
Notes from my Garden – Valerie Cowperthwaite

May/June 2001

GE Files – The Political Science of GE Food – Sean Weaver interviews Arpad Pusztai
Fluoride Report – Latest news of fluoride hazards
How Green is your Golf Course? Meriel Watts on the pesticides that could put you off your stroke
Diabetes The different types explained by Kate McLeary
The Romantic Vegetable Garden – Christine Dann creates a beautiful productive organic garden
Gardener’s Guide – How to deal with slugs and snails
Storing the Harvest – Sally Cunningham explains how
Flower Power Goes Wild – Geoff Brunsden says the wildflower meadow has come to stay
The edible garden in May and June
The Herb Garden – Pam Blowers on Sage
Enquire Within – Some questions answered
Our Insect Allies – John Early – Insects of the compost pile
Notes from my Garden – Mary Lovell-Smith visits Bob Crowder
Vanilla – Althea Campbell – Tahiti tradition revived organically
The Impossible Dream? John Pearce – the lifestyle dream comes true
Grower Profile Marty Robinson’s successful vege growing business
Home on the Range – Peter and Joy McLeod tell Mark Hill how they raise organic chickens
Traditions of Healing – Sarndra Urwin presents the holistic approach to healing
Foot and Mouth Disease and GE – Chris Wheeler asks Can we be wise before the event? GATS – An Accord to Auction Vital Resources – Vandana Shiva on the WTO threat to public services
Local Production for Local Consumption – Report for reduction in international trade in food.

March/April 2001

Genetically Engineered Food and the FDA: Interview with Steve Druker – Sean Weaver
Soil & Health at the Royal Commission – Marianne Kelly
Monsanto’s Revolving Door Update – Chris Wheeler
Pesticide Report: Dioxin and Cancer in New Zealand
Parkinson’s Disease and Residues in Food – Meriel Watts
New Direction for Campaigner: Interview with Meriel Watts – Dee Pigneguy BSE:The Copper Connection
Get Your Fats Right – Sean Weaver
Making the Vision a Reality – Dee Pigneguy
No Hope for the Hungry – Devinder Sharma
Founders Brewery – Organic Beer – Mark Hill
Encouraging Earthworm Activity – Mark Hill
Naked Organics – Dee Pigneguy
Marketing Organic NZ Kiwifruit – Natalie Baragwanath
Predator Providers
Kowhai Farm/Heinz Wattie Open Day – Mark Hill
Herb Garden – Pam Blowers
North Island Gardening – Kay Baxter
South Island Gardening – Pat Wright
Further South Island Gardening – David Prosser
Our Insect Allies – John Early
Notes from my Garden – Valerie Cowperthwaite

January/February 2001

Our Royal Commission: An Uneven Playing Field? Sean Weaver
Taking the Stand – Maryanne Kelly
Percy Schneiser and Monsanto’s Gene Police – Maryanne Kelly
Pesticide Report: Parkinson’s Disease, Pesticides and Derris Dust – Meriel Watts
Seedsaving – Suzanne Blyth
Edible Schools – Ian Munro
Feeding Education – Sandra Batley
Kinder to Cows – John Pearce
New Zealand Cheese – Dee Pigneguy
Out of Africa, into Waitete – Rowan Metcalfe
Breast Cancer: Pink Ribbons Don’t Help – Chris Wheeler
I Speak for the Seeds – Kay Baxter
Understanding Soil Fertility – Paul Gosling
Are there Special Qualities in Organic and Biodynamic Food? – Andreas Welte Keeping the Peace – Ada Reynolds
BIO-GRO Standards Review – Seager Mason
Wanganui Open Day – John Massey
Herb Garden – Pam Blowers
Enquire Within; North Island Gardening – Kay Baxter
South Island Gardening – Pat Wright
Further South Island Gardening – David Prosser
Organic Online – Alan Marston
Our Insect Allies – John Early
Notes from a Garden – Dee Pigneguy