Organic NZ Magazine 2002

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November/December 2002

GE Files – PSRG Update
Seeds of Doubt Prove Undoubted Failure
K Soil Association damning report on GE crops
Travelling the World – Brendan Hoare reports on the World Summit on Sustainable Development and the International Federation of Organic Movements
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Kate McCleary – Causes and treatments
Obesity – No Medical Mystery
Dee Pigneguy discovers that the food pyramid is making people fat
Small Space Edible Gardens – Growing food in the smallest spaces Valerie Freeman
Growing Organic Chilli Peppers – Denise Mark
Herb Garden – Pam Blowers on Chilli
The Edible garden in November and December
Notes from my Garden – Dee Pigneguy visits Judy and Roy Pyle’s garden
Some Like It (Really) Hot – Denise Mark visits chilli sauce company Kaitaia Fire
Here for the Long Haul – John Pearce reflects on developing a sustainable Organics “industry”
Living Legacies – The Greening of the Funeral Industry by Lynda Hannah
Wake Up and Smell the Organic Coffee Valerie Freeman
Full of Beans – Sian Bennett visits Kea Coffee Company
Eating Out Carol Forsyth at The Way to Go Café in Helensville
Organic Training and Education Courses on offer
Bach Flowers for Animals – Sarndra Urwin
Ashburton Winter Wastefest – Mark Hill
Festivals: Organic River and Grey Lynn
Blackspot Control – Andreas Welte

September/October 2002

GE Files – PSRG Update; Certification – The New Zealand Labels
The Report of the Royal Commission on GMOs: Ethical, Cultural and Spiritual Issues of Field Release – Alastair Gunn & Kelly Tudhope
More than Skin Deep – Kate Mccleary suggests some alternative treatments for skin disorders
Herb Garden – Pam Blowers on oregano
The edible garden in September and October
Notes from my Garden – Mynda Mansfield – Yes! We Have Some Bananas
Pam Parsons – Growing and Drying bananas
Thoughts from an Eco-garden – Margaret Peace contemplates Nature in the garden
Organic Vineyard Update – Andreas Welte
Show Me the Money! – John Pearce suggests some alternative financing
Time for Organic Producer Co-ops? – Charles Merfield explains why we need them
Effective Orchard Understoreys – The use of understoreys at BHU’s orchards – Mark Hill
Bio-Stockfoods Profile – Jacqueline Teale visits South Islander Chris Riddle
Crackpots with Crockpots? Dee Pigneguy says it’s time for slow food
Eating Out – Rob Harris at Synamony in Greytown
Organic Friendly Rodney – Valerie Freeman on a local government initiative
Organic Gardens and Mara Maori – An update on Organics in schools
Letting Nature Do the Work
Martin de Jong reports on the Smallfarming NZ conference
Organic Course for Nelson – Pat Wright
Antibiotics, Anti-inflammatories, Antivirals – Sarndra Urwin suggests some herbal alternatives
International Research News

July/August 2002

GE Update & News
OrganicFarmNZ – Simon Browne introduces the new domestic producers’ certification
Politics and Organics – OFANZ questions politicians on Organics
1080 and 2020 – Meriel Watts continues the discussion
Cold Comfort – Kate Mccleary has some advice on colds and flu
Drug-Resistant Infections – CJ Puotinen offers alternatives to antibiotics
The edible garden in July and August
The Winter Garden – Christine Dann – What’s growing in winter?
Herb Garden – Pam Blowers on agrimony
Treasures from the Garden of Eden Philippa Jamieson on heirloom apples
Notes from my Garden – Emily Williams
Clustering Round Organics – John Pearce – Realities of being self-sustaining Organics and Conservation in the Far North – Profile of Far North organic grower Terry Higginson by Denise Mark
Wild Kiwi Healers – John Donovan reports on a herbal company using native NZ herbs
Oriental Odyssey – Valerie Freeman outlines concerns about soy foods
Authentic Organic Meat – John Donovan says look for certification
Charitable Venture – Kimberly Patterson – A cosmetic company helps fundraising
Free Trade Agreement with the US – An Eco-nation Death Knell
Damon Birchfield and the realities of free-trade
Farm Stock Health – Big Rewards for Petty Cash Outlay – Sarndra Urwin on the cash virtues of alternative remedies
Ashburton Does It Again! – Pat Wright visited the Organic Expo

May/June 2002

GE Update – PSRG
Interconnections and Biotechnology – Sean Weaver examines the GE-mindset MAdGE: Mothers Against Genetic Engineering – Natalie Baragwanath talks to Alannah Currie
Pesticides – Meriel Watts
Possums and Poison – Robert Taylor examines the real possum problem
A Prostate Problems – Kate Mccleary
Drug-Resistant Infections – C.J. Puotinen explains why bacteria are becoming antibiotic-resistant
Weed Taming – Christine Dann on prevention and containment
Growing Organic Potatoes – Denise Mark
Herb Garden – Pam Blowers on potatoes
The edible garden in May and June
Never Too Late – Connie Lynn visits Biddy Leigh in Golden Bay
NZ Community Gardens – Matt Morris advocates a national network
Notes from my Garden – Alvina Murphy
Potatoes as a Commercial Crop – Terence Whelan
Turn The Lights On
Dr Elaine Ingham in New Zealand Bill Quinn
Aquaculture – John Pearce’s take on small-scale aquaculture
Down on the Farm – Marianne Kelly sees potential for organic farmstays
Under The Red Verandah – Jacqueline Teale eats out in Christchurch
Bitter Sweet: Aspartame – the Hidden Dangers – Trish Jardine
Irradiated Foods Fit For Human Consumption says Government – Jean Anderson disagrees
Sustainable Agriculture and the Local Economy – Professor Jules Pretty
Pony Power – Lenka Field’s guide to natural pony care – Part 2
Animal Immune Systems in (Vaccination) Crises – Sarndra Urwin on why vaccinations are risky
Organic Gardens in Schools – Kama Burwell reports
Research News
BHU Open Day – Mark Hill
The Farm at the End of the Road – Martin de Jong

March/April 2002

GE Update – PSRG
The Fallacy of Seeking to Control Nature – Haikai Tane
Report – Challenges to Fundamentals of GE – Barry Commoner’s review
Government Proposes, Deadly Polluter Profits, You Pay
Sue Connor comments on dioxin policy
Pesticide Watch – Meriel Watts
A Misery for Many Children – Kate McCleary writes about otitis media – middle ear infection
Herb Garden – Pam Blowers on red clover
Learning How to Love Weeds – Christine Dann makes friends with helpful weeds Preparing for Winter Ideas from Maggi Brown
Getting Children Gardening – Margaret Willard visits a garden designed for children
Programmed to Grow
Heather Bell’s organic project at Hastings Intermediate
The edible garden in March and April
Notes from my Garden – Dee Pigneguy visits Kathrina Muller’s garden in South Auckland
Livestock and Smallholdings – John Pearce’s suggestions for integrating stock Eat Organic, Buy Local – Patrick Holden – the UK Campaign
Dietary Supplements in Danger – Sue Kedgley calls for urgent action on proposed legislation
IE Produce Natalie Baragwanath talks to Joyce Lowyim about successful retailing
Pony Power – Lenka Field’s guide to natural pony care – Part 1
The Ten Worst Corporations – Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
New Zealander at Organic Cutting Edge – Kimberley Paterson talks to Geoff Burke at Elm Farm in the UK
Danish Day-Care Goes Organic – Kimberley Paterson
International Research Information on Organic Management – Frank van Steensel and Gill Cole

January/February 2002

GE Update
Food Allergies and GE Food – Sean Weaver
The Potential of Organic and Biotechnology Cropping – E. Ann Clark
MAF Bungle in West Auckland – Meriel Watts
From the Archives: Mt Albert Experiment
Lady Balfour on soils and health
ADD and ADHD – Kate McCleary asks, ‘What’s happening to our children?’; Rewiring the Brain – Environmental Neurological Toxins – Dee Pigneguy
Not Just Dirt – Christine Dann outlines good soil management
Herb Garden – Vietnamese mint
Pam Blowers on fenugreek
Notes from my Garden – Adriane McDonald – His and hers gardening
Compost – Organic Heart of Gold – Guide to principles of composting
Heaps More Compost – John Pearce
The edible garden in January and February
Smith Street Community Gardens – Matt Morris on projects in Christchurch
Our Insect Allies – Biocontrol on sale John Early
Blowing in the Wind – John Pearce – Planning multi-purpose shelter
Wasting Away – Dee Pigneguy on reducing waste
Eating Out – Aiki Japanese Organic Kitchen – Jacqueline Teale
The Beat Up on Organics – Meriel Watts debunks the myths
Feng Shui for your Farm and Pets – Sarndra Urwin
Fatty Acid Profiles – Massey University research on native plants
Organic and Fair Trade tea – Kate Shannon