Organic NZ Magazine 2003

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November/December 2003

Local Government and GE – The battlefield shifts to a neighbourhood near you
Summer Savers – Ten tips that may save your summer
Health News – A roundup of recent developments
Seeds of Survival – The search organic seeds
Turning Nature against its Own – Peppering Pests 2: The success stories Cropping for Clean Soil – Let those plants do the cleaning
News from the Underground – Part 2 of our guide to plant nutrition
Small Growers Scheme works for West Melton
Standing Up for the Small Guy – OrganicFarmNZ’s new Chair – a man with a mission
Paradise Revisited – Tales of Organics on a Pacific atoll
Cooking Fab Food – Great organic recipes from the Nelson Eco Fest
Organic NZ’s Good Day Guide – Growing your leftovers
Sustainable Living in the Big City – Neighbourhood blends city life and eco-living
Super heroes in training – Grassroots course trains a new breed of leaders Passion and Pollen – Taste of honey opens fast track to success for BeesOnline
Ethical Success – Company shows ethics and business is a winning strategy Sustainable Investment – Sustainable businesses outperform mainstream
National Strategy, Changes at Bio-Gro and Resource Guides
What’s new in the organic marketplace
Pack it in Potato – The humble spud revolutionises packaging
Unsung Heroes – A pioneer hangs up her seed box
Regional Reports: Wearable Waste and Alternative Energy Fest – National Council takes to the streets

September/October 2003

Women Speak Out – Why they’re wary of tinkering
Around the World – Scientists scan developments
Taking it to the People – Seeds of hope on GE
Clean and Green at Risk – British MP wonders why we’d do it
Cause to Cry – What are they doing to our onions?
Deadly Medicine – Balancing the picture on Pan Pharmaceuticals
Has SARS Emerged From Pandora’s Box? The origins of the latest health scare Organic NZ’s Good Day Guide – Putting sustainability in a dog’s day
Suburban Haven – Biodiversity in your backyard
The edible garden in September and October
Herb Garden – Fantastic fennel
Organics Takes Coromandel – Budget service prompts community action
Working with Nature – Reflections on the challenges of a diverse land
Growers vs Supermarkets – The battle for the organic marketplace
Peppering Your Pests – The science and sophistry of turning nature against its own
News from the Underground – A guide to the principles of plant nutrition: Part 1
No Coffee at the Café – Christchurch’s offbeat organic caravan
Do You Know What You’re Buying? It probably isn’t what you think
What’s new in the organic marketplace
Glass Beaches – The ultimate in recycling
Organic NZ’s Good Day Guide – Your practical guide to a sustainable day
Small Grower Scheme Cuts Loose – OrganicFarmNZ finds its feet
Helping Buyers Buy – How to sell to local outlets
The Phantom of Free Trade – Reflections on a conversation overheard
Organic Resource Guides Update
Time to Stand Proud – New National Council sets its sights

July/August 2003

Ignoring the Evidence Again – A scientist’s view of GE
Trouble in the Beehive – Apiarists face a bigger challenge than varroa
Made To Order – The Government buys into GE babies
What Can We Do? A GE action plan
Global Movement Looking to Back NZ Organics
International Research – We scan the latest advances
Deadly Medicine – Balancing the picture on Pan Pharmaceuticals
Has SARS Emerged From Pandora’s Box? The origins of the latest health scare Organic NZ’s Good Day Guide – Putting sustainability in a dog’s day
Feasting on Weeds! A back yard pharmacy and supermarket
The edible garden in July and August
Herb Garden – Epilobium for the prostate
A Kiwi Gardener in Washington
Organic Production Guides – Entry to Organics is about to get easier
The Ways and Wonder of Water Part 2: The way to water wisdom
Trees in Bags Boost Productivity – A train trip that led to radical results
A Vegetarian in a GE World – Christchurch’s GE free vegetarian bed and breakfast
Urbanising Agriculture – The path beyond Organics
An Able Man’s Background – Profile of an organic superstar
Organic Declaration – A vision for an organic nation
Sustainable Ideals – Organics in a market economy
Produce, Products and Pamphlets – Highlights of the organic trade show
Beyond Organics – A call to action
New Faces – New Vigour – New leaders for NZ Organics
The Way to an Organic Dairy Farm
What a season! 2003’s tongue and gum tickling grape harvest
Commercial Success for Organic Values – NZ’s first organic business cluster

May/June 2003

GATS: Whose Services are we selling?
GE Politics: What are they doing across the Tasman?
What’s new in the Organic marketplace
International Research: We scan the latest advances
Co-existence: Excerpts from the Government Report
The Dirty Dozen: Which foods have the most pesticides?
Mothers and Babies in the Firing Line: Researchers raise a new alarm
Organics vs Conventional Food: New Study puts them to the test
Organic NZ’s Good Day Guide: Your practical guide to a sustainable day – Feasting on Weeds: The banquet you don’t have to plant
The edible garden in May and June
Eco Garden Walls: A guide to in-situ adobe garden edges
Herb Garden: The miracles of artichoke
Don’t Rubbish: Leaves Notes from an autumn garden
Sustainable Suburbia: Eco adventures in city living
The Ways and Wonder of Water Part 1: The Politics of Waste
Stevia The sugar substitute too good to be approved
Post-Supermarket Marketing – The growing phenomenon of growers’ markets
Eating Out – A South Island restaurant with its own on-site garden
One of the Best: We farewell one of Organics staunchest supporters
The Booming Business of Organics: The sales figures say it all
Damned if We Do – Damned if We Don’t: Caution on new National Strategy Organics Beats Hi Tech: Dunedin company forges personal path to success
Animal Welfare: How kind are we to our most valuable partners?
OrganicFarmNZ Takes Two More: New schemes in lower North Island
Trustworthy Food: Oamaru’s incomparable organic food and wine fest

March/April 2003

BioTech 2010 AD – A Different Vision for New Zealand? – Garrick Martin
Who’s Profiting? Who’s Paying? – GE crops five years on – A PSRG report
A round up of GE news
International Research – Valerie Freeman scans the latest advances
The Natural Origins of Modern Drugs – Jacqueline Tuffnell
Going Non-Toxic on Nits – A Back to School Special – Alison White on safe remedies for every parent’s curse
Milk – Hazard or Cure? – Robert Anderson exposes myths surrounding our favourite health food
The Perils and Pleasures of Citrus – Denise Mark on the secrets to great citrus
The edible garden in March and April
Herb Garden – Pam Blowers on loveable lovage
Notes from My Garden – Matt Morris reports from his favourite inner city garden
Nowhere to Run – Where do you go when the law can’t help?
An Introduction to Building Organically – Graeme North on the art and potential of city life
GM – Never Fear …You Won’t be the First to Suffer – Michael Morris on the unseen victims of genetic modification
The Long Road to Fruit Salad Heaven – Pam Parsons visits Viv and Nancy Milne’s farm in the Waikato
Eating Out Organics – Hawke’s Bay’s new organic café
Functional Foods – Health Benefits or Healthy Profits?
Dee Pigneguy on food’s latest fad
Small Scale Organics Takes Off – Matt Morris on OrganicFarmNZ’s success National Conference Update
Edible Cosmetics Anyone? – Bio-Gro looks to an emerging market
Slicing the Apple – A fresh take on sharing the Earth
The Summer Dilemma – Sarndra Urwin on dehydration
Australasia’s First Holistic Animal Centre
River Fest Fever – Martin de Jong on a “must do” gathering
“Enough is Enough” – Australian Cotton Grower Says It’s Time to Make a Stand – Mark Hill reports

January/Febuary 2003

Famine as a Political Tool – Devinder Sharma – “Wicked” USAID GM Food Policy GE Files – PSRG Update
GE-Free Marchers
The Latest Hormone Science – Disrupting Life’s Messages – John Peterson Myers Painted Apple Moth – An Eco Concern – Richelle Kahui-McConnell
US Food Corporates Buy into Organics – Chris Wheeler
Criminal Food – Valerie Freeman looks at poor diet and violent behaviour
Find and Keep your Garden Friends – Rebecca Potts
Notes from my Garden – Pat Wright’s retirement garden
Herb Garden – Pam Blowers on marjoram
The edible garden in January and February
Chickens in the Home Garden – Denise Mark’s guide
Broiler Chickens – Denise Mark visits Claude and Margaret Ilton’s organic chicken farm
The Wright Stuff – Mark Peters talks to Geoffrey Wright about his organic wine
Christine Nielson-Craig discovers Organics in Vienna
Golden Bay Organics – Charlotte Squire visits a community-based business
Sow Stalls and Farrowing Crates – Michael C. Morris
Dogs That Can Scent Sickness – John Newell
Pig Growth Hormone – Sue Kedgley
Visionary Science – Kimberley Paterson
Birthday Celebrations at the Biological Husbandry Unit – Mark Hill
ENVIRO School in Ashburton – John Hooper
Community Garden at Canterbury University – Katherine Rock
OrganicFarmNZ Launch