Organic NZ Magazine 2004

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November/December 2004

Echinacea Immune Superherb Or Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing?
LabelWatch: The Great Margarine Hoax
A Eugenic Future? Parliament considers world’s most permissive laws
Taking Guidance From The Stars – The value of old knowledge
Herb Garden – The Most Exciting Herb Find in Years
Garden Management in November and December
Selenium In A Real Garden – A case study
Companion Planting 2: Maximise your production
Dodging A Dodgy Crop – How to grow clean celery
Seriously Seeking Selenium – The secret to adequate selenium
In Defence Of Eco-N – The merits of commercial nitrate inhibitors
In The Wake Of The Flood Separation of crops nullified by nature
Soil Testing Without Labs – Low cost ways to identify problems
Growing Nuts The first of a two-part feature
Celery – What you get when you don’t go organic
Arsenic In Poultry
Home Nutrition Targetted – Mill your own flour
Response To Free-Range Worries ONZ readers prompt re-think
Just Buying Organics Makes You Better New research findings
Organic Solution To Citrus Canker
Organic vs Conventional – Science shows organics boosts biodiversity
Organic NZ’s Good Day Guide In search of the autonomous house
Egg Producers Split – New Free Range body established
GE Trade War Delayed US Fails To Push Case Before Election
Warning On Free Trade Agreements
Organic Growers Get Supermarket Contract
Unsung Heroes – Catherine And Rodney Fergusson

September/October 2004

Around the World Our scientists’ watch on GE
Protecting the Organic Brand – When words aren’t enough
Breast Cancer – Organic-fed celebrities fuel new moves
Herbs, Drugs and Superbugs
Antibiotics and Allergies Link proven
LabelWatch – The hidden perils of babyfoods
Pesticides in Utero – They’re shrinking your baby
Unwelcome Visitors – Organic weed control for the backyard
Herb Garden – Garlic health without garlic breath
Companion Planting – Results from the BHU Experiments Pt 1
Success Can Be a Boer – An introduction to successful goat farming
RIP Free-Range Eggs – Egg producers’ bias killing free-range
Varroa – There is an alternative
The Science of the Soil Food Web
Understanding the Need for Nitrogen
True Fertility What is it? Food Safety Latest diet survey results
Organic NZ’s Good Day Guide – Organics great for schools
Wanaka’s SoulFood Cafe – Trust in Organics produces Soulfood Unsung Hero – The legacy of George Maslin

July/August 2004

GE Giant Buckles – Monsanto admits defeat on wheat
Why the Secrecy? MAF’s veiled GE maize response
Is Our Food Really Safe? Razzmatazz hides the reality
LabelWatch – The sweet-tooth trap
Planting by the Moon Part II: Fine tuning; Spuds from Seed – Veteran breeder shares his experiences
Herb Garden – Multi-talented mullein
The Leisurely Lady’s Guide to Worm Composting; Beans – Neglected Heroes
Biocontrol Does the Best Business – BHU workshop
Possums – A scientist’s take on an old headache
Regional Flavours – OFNZ brand putting place back into food
Organics Under Attack – Pesticides and hormones okay?
Raisins For Concerned Mothers, what are you feeding your children?
Unseen Alternatives – Menstrual cups don’t cost the earth
Organic NZ’s Good Day – Guide Brewing solutions to kitchen scraps
The Path to Sustainability – Permaculture pioneer plots the next step
Wetland Weed to Health Icon – Failed organic dream but commercial hit
Back to the Land – Sustainability pioneers Sue and Neville Sinclair
Unsung Hero – Organic stalwart Ros Morton

May/June 2004

DIY GE-Free Zone Law protects local zones
GE or Organic? Sri Lankan farmers turn to IPM
Concerned Farmers – 10 Top Issues Aussie farmers weigh GE case
Organic Parks? We investigate public land management
A Bitter Pill to Swallow? Moves to regulate natural healthcare
LabelWatch: Toothpaste Toxins
Delectable Daylilies – Have your ornamentals – and eat them too
Tea in the Garden #2: Ten tips for great compost tea
Herb Garden – Chase those mice away with catnip
Safe or Sin? The merits of newspaper mulching
Moon Calendar – The biodynamic way
Breaking into Organics #3 – Finding space in the domestic market
Deliciousness Discovered – Commercial potential in a little known pleasure
Tree Cropping – Organics infiltrates the Tree Crops Conference
Hemp Headed to Mainstream Commercial trials completed
Learning to Love Hemp
Hemp seed oil recipes to try
Recipes from an Edible Landscape
Organic NZ’s Good Day Guide – Insights, warnings and tips on snacking
National Strategy Update
Europe Promises Good Times for Exporters
Branding Wanganui – Small scale growers aim for OrganicFarm NZ pod
Unsung Heroes – Seed saver pioneers, Jude and Michel Fanton

March/April 2004

Onions and The Raiders of Lost Opportunity
Little Laughs
Phytotherapy: A new life for an ancient art
The Burden of Beauty – The hidden costs of looking good
More Alarms Over Plastics – Girls affected by pthalates
Plastic Additives Dropped
Pesticide Delays Male Maturity
Coffee May Prevent Cancer
St John’s Wort – Misleading labels
Tea in the Garden – A gardeners’ guide to compost tea
Herb Garden – Live on lemon
Planting by the Moon – Science behind the practice
Breaking into Organics – The first three years
Growing Gold II Wasabi – a commercial prospect?
The Secret to Great Beef
Noni – The tonic the world can’t get enough of
The Hidden Cost of Running Stock – Growing Tips Shared
Spice Blends – A guide to blending your own
Organic NZ’s Good Day Guide – Chocolate, wine, tea – or cocoa?
Getting to Grips with Certification – OrganicFarmNZ
Organics the Next Megatrend
Unsung Heroes – Into a sustainable future; Sir Peter Elworthy – Farewell to a friend
All You Wanted to Know – Excerpts from the new Organic Guides

January/February 2004

Government Secret Report – Cabinet papers warn Canada off GM crops
Pesticide Report – Mushrooms clean up poisonous soil
Peoples’ Moratorium – Direct action planned
Poisonous Packaging – Plastics’ sinister side
Infants Exposed Before Birth – New study on toxin’s reach
Backyard Spice Growing II – More on how to grow them and what they’re good for
Spices You Probably Can’t Grow Here
Herb Garden – Basil’s headache and migraine magic
Chicken a la Paradiso – Organic heaven in the tropics
Growing Gold – The lure of the world’s most sought after spices
Growing in Hope – Small communities win with certification scheme
Going Organic – City life to country grower. Is it for you?
Agriculture in NZ – Most conventional farmers favour Organics
Organic Demand Outstrips Supply; Africa Offers a Lesson in Organic Agriculture
How Clean is Organic? NZ and Australian product comes out tops – if it’s certified
The Scamble to be GE-free
Back Door Open for GE Food? NZ food standards set by Australian Minister
Canada Rules Supplements Are Not Drugs
Organic NZ’s Good Day Guide – Waste not, want not. Just follow those kids
From Sickness to Success – Profile: David Musgrave
Discontent Over Bio-Gro Changes
Standard to Combat Fraud
Organic Businesses Take Awards
Branding Organics – Reaching out to hearts and minds
Unsung Heroes – Busting the Waste
An Amazing Life – S&H founder takes on new role at 83