Organic NZ Magazine 2006

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November/December 2006

Organic Tutor Wins Home-based course a hit
Around the World our regular scientists’ watch on GE
Organic River Festival Recharge at NZ’s largest organic fest

Organic Cheats – Commerce Commission has you in its sights
LabelWatch – Where does Christmas dinner come from?
Getting Quality Bread and Flour – A personal guide
The Worry with Pork – Call for action over “dirty secret”
Mandatory Additives in our food
New Stuff – What’s new in the organic market place
Book Review: Organic Futures by Adrian Myers

Herb Garden: Coriander Salmonella safeguard
The Whole Garden Vegetable of the month: Tomatoes
Moon Calendar for November & December

News from the Frontline Soil &Health campaign update
Issues Looming for OANZ AGM
New Patron The life and times of Fiona Lady Elworthy

The Path to Success Sheep, beef and Organics: Why and how
Mission Possible – Growing Jackfruit in New Zealand
National Organics Conference Announced

Urban organics
Turn up your nose! the facts on fragrances and perfume
Earth building – the cafe that grew on the hill
Here’s to your health the science on why wine works
Ten steps to healthy eating
Fresh air and noodles the realities of life and organics in China
Viruses with your bratwurst? they’re spraying viruses on your food
City living
Our new reality life in the 21st century: nanotechnology & atomic food

September/October 2006


Around the World Our regular scientists’ watch on GE
Council Slammed for GMO Backdown

LabelWatch – CoOl Killed – Who cares where your food comes from?
New Stuff: What’s new in the organic marketplace

Attract Pollinating Insects to Home Gardens New research
Herb Garden: Avocado Huge herb with a healthy heart
Kiwi Spinach Time Garden management in September/October
Moon Calendar September & October

News from the Frontline Soil & Health campaign update
An Organic Success Story 24 hectares, 22 years on

Priority One: Nutrition How to get nutrition back into food crops
Proactive and Preventative Weed Management
Folic Acid: Necessary fortification or mass medication?

Raising Organic Infants – Return to the Triplets 3 Years On
Ignore Crying Babies if you want more Tears Science Speaks
Our New Reality Hormones in the Environment Part II: Where to From Here?
Cafe reviews – Nelson’s famous Jester House Café & Living Room – Restaurant Chic Organic
Working Wonders with Avocado Recipes – Remedies and Funky Pot Plants
Cities – Key to a Sustainable Future – What are you doing?
For the Girls – Alternative to Commercial Tampons
City Building – Life in Earth – Best of Alternative Kiwi Building
Organic Music as Sambodhi Prem tells it


July/August 2006

Trans-Tasman Medicine Police Dead in the Water?
Around the World – GE Update
Science Confirms Hybrid Vegetables Less Nutritious
Council Moves on GE Risks
A Chance to Live off the Land – Wilderland: a history & future

Food & Shopping
]Organic Labelling Crackdown – a sharp warning to organic cheats

Answers to readers’ questions
Time for New Year’s Plan – the garden in July & August
Herb Garden – Prunella Vulgaris – are you ready for self-healing?
Moon Calendar for July & August

Farming & Growing
Farming as if it Mattered: Part III – Building your soil
Balancing Elements in the Soil – Ashburton on the go
Steam and Fish Fertilisers – A potential organic systemic herbicide
Time to end Hi-cane Use – ERMA reviews hydrogen cyanamide
Holistic Grazing Management – Fielday details path to success

News, Tips & Profiles
BioGro gets new CEO
OANZ chooses Ken Shirley – we profile the man and mission

Urban Organics
Our New Reality – Facing the 21st Century: hormones in the environment
Getting Seasonal with Samhuin – connecting with our land
Homegrown Menstruation – an urgent wake up call
Compost in Your Kitchen – dealing with waste where you make it
City Building – Killing the Kiwi Handyman II – what can you still do
Organic Rock-n-Roll – Rolling Stones do organics


May/June 2006


Denmark to Pay Compensation for GE Damage
Around the World – GE Update
Roundup Revelation – 10 times more toxic
Water Wars – Bolivia 1, Bechtel 0

Breast Cancer & Radiation Pt II: Reducing the risks; Label Watch – Carcinogen in your fizz

Food & Shopping
Our Daily Flour – What makes a great flour
Picture This – A new way to talk about wine
Unsung Heroes Pioneers of Nutrition

With winter on its way – the garden in May & June
Herb Garden – Blueberries: Made for Organics
Moon Calendar for May & June

Farming & Growing
Farming as if it Mattered Pt II: DIY Soil Tests
Farmers’ Market to follow Expo – Ashburton on the go
Organics Advisory Service – OANZ launches its first project
Soil Testing on a Commercial scale – a BHU guide
Sheep & Beef Farmers Switch: Organics makes better business

News, Tips & Profiles
Too Much Growth – Short-term view threatens wine exports; Unsung Heroes: Pioneers of Nutrition

Urban Organics
Ethical Latte To Go- Trade Aid for those on the run
Know What You’re Eating – Why Country of Origin is Important
Why Organic Clothing? – Cotton that Kills
NZ Organic Fashion – The Next Big Thing
Science: Personalised Nutrition
Building: Killing the Kiwi Handyman – new laws take effect
Art: Neville Sinclair on life, growing & creative imagery


March/April 2006

Around the World – GE Update
Solar Conference
Xenotransplantation Approved
River Fest

Breast Cancer and Radiation Part I: The Risks
Run to Heal Events Spreading
Pig Cell Drugs; Biodynamics

Food & Shopping
Unique Wine

The Garden in March and April
Herb Garden
Moon Calendar for March & April

Farming & Growing
Farming as if it Mattered
From Seed: The Mind
Getting the Best from Shelterbelts
The Happy Horse

Unsung Heroes Phoenix Organics

Urban Organics
Lorina Harding songstress
School & Campus news
No More Nappies
GE Free – A Win In the North
All About Bread
Practicalities of Straw Building Technology
The Dangers of Modern Art


January/February 2006

New Education Course

Breast Cancer or BO?
Allison Roe Trust: Backing Organics & Breast Cancer fight

Food & Shopping
Label Watch: Watch that sun screen
How much Bull is good? Energy drinks revisited
Warning Endosulfan in NZ food

Managing the Garden: The heat is on
Herb Gardening – Growing Plantain
Moon Calendar for January & February
Sustainable Roses

Farming & Growing
Grow Your Own Coffee
Time the Government Matched Organic Value
Size does Matter: It’s all in the genes
Growing Seed for Harvest #4: Carrots and brassicas

News, Tips & Profiles
Your Voice is being Heard: Scientists told to get back to basics
Unsung Heroes: Joe Polaischer–Facing down suburbia

Urban Organics
Ice cream to die for, or just to die sooner
Collingwood goes plastic-shopping-bag free
What’s with antioxidants?
Fashion: Sheep chic the potential of organic wool
A lesson from the town of Allopath
City building: Eco-mansion on the market
BBQ and live– beat burnt meat; Chaotic art for a new world