Organic NZ Magazine 2007

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November/December 2007

Cover feature – climate change
Hope for our climate – Why organics is the answer
Back-yard burn-up – Making charcoal and saving the world
A clear vision – Why climate change is the catalyst for a sustainable new world

Pesticides and breast cancer – Common chemicals that might be killing you
Heavenly herb – Why holy basil is very good for your health

Growing and farming
Big milk does organics – Fonterra wants more dairy farmers to go organic
On a roll – Crimper rolling, a new technique for no-till farming
The new age of the Vikings – What Norway can teach New Zealand
Striking oil – Farming New Zealand tea tree in harmony with nature
Success on a shoestring – A man getting the most out of his soil
Read your weeds – Handy pull-out guide to what your pasture is telling you

Save our seedlings – Tim Jenkins on managing slugs and snails
Ask Kay – Making your own potting mix
Moon calendar – Gardening by the moon in November and December

From the archives
The more things change – Organic NZ is 65 years old

A garden for the people – Kay Baxter’s new life on the East Cape
Urban organics
No-problem potatoes – An Auckland gardener grows spuds
Seeds from suburbia – An organic oasis in Wellington
Backyard bounty – Self-sufficiency in Christchurch

Toxic childhood – Lead-painted toys aren’t the only toxic hazards of childhood
GE Watch – Synthetic biology and geo-engineering
News from the frontline – Soil & Health Association update

The Koanga Garden Guide – Kay Baxter’s new book



September/October 2007

Cover feature
Born to roam – Why organic, free-range eggs are a good future for New Zealand.
A free life – A Northland family grows organic eggs on a commercial scale.
Paradise in the back yard – Home chooks will give you more than just eggs.

To compost or not to compost – Is composting good organic practice? Two experts with different views.

Aline of the trees – Growing bananas in the South Island.

When the corporates call – How corporates affect organic growing, for better or worse.
Grass grub time – Act now to prevent pasture damage by this native insect.

The artichoke that isn’t – Jerusalem artichokes in the home garden & recipes
Growing square meals – How one gardener is using the square-foot-gardening technique to maximise production from a small garden.
Moon calendar – Gardening by the moon in September/October.
Wild things in the vege plot – Tim Jenkins recommends letting your veges go wild

Tea for terrific – Why that morning cuppa is so good for you.
Say cheese – Whitestone Cheese is 20 years old.

Urban organics
Townies on tanks – An Auckland family gets self-sufficient on tank water.
Urban shopper – Interesting products to help you go organic.

Wairarapa good life – Earth, Wind, Fire and Water in Wairarapa gardens.
Greenbucks – Using green dollars to build healthy communities.

Truly passive energy – How to use solar heating and heat pumps.

GE Watch
Atomically modified organisms – What is nanotechnology, and is it good for us?

Organic Aotearoa New Zealand conference
China’s organic juggernaut – China’s going organic, and on a scale we can’t comprehend.
New thinking needed to feed the world – One of our best brains challenges the organic and conventional agricultural sectors to work together.
Recognising organic excellence – The 2007 organic sector awards.
News from the front line – Soil & Health Association update.

Into the Wild Green Yonder – Excerpt from Philippa Jamieson’s new book on her two years spent as a willing worker on organic farms.


July/August 2007

The Future: Urban New Zealand in 2020 The scenarios
Around the World Our regular scientists’ watch on GE
New Book For People Facing Cancer

Prize Draw Breakfast delivered to your door
Nutrient Dense Foods Debunking the myth of Low- fat
Won Yourself a Mooncup? Personal health to help the planet
New Stuff What’s new in the organic market place

Ask Kay Your gardening queries answered by Kay Baxter
Herb Garden: Fig One of our largest herbs
Getting started in Organics Going organic in your backyard
Garden Management Thinking about spring? You should be
Moon Calendar July & August

Getting the Word Out The key to organic growth
Mentor Scheme Announced Help during conversion
Organic Apples Success story or wake-up call?
Ka’ala Farm in Hawai’i Restoring traditional knowledge
GE Corn to be Allowed

News from the Frontline – Soil & Health campaign update
“Our Organic Future” Major conference will plot the way ahead
Organic 2020 Reviewed – Pioneers revisit vision
Council Changes

Urban Organics
Toward an organic future keys to winning the world
Sustainable business co-ops to fight globalisation – a guide
Wellington’s new organic cafe
Pikolette for Lyttelton oldest co-op opens new branch
Feed up on figs some tasty recipes
Protecting your health options – Allison Roe and S&H team up
GE food a guide and a good sign
Building a cob cottage a builder’s tale


May/June 2007

DIY Cash – The missing link in sustainability
Around the World Our regular scientists’ watch on GE

Organic Success in Folic Review
Lets keep the tried and true remedies (Therapeutic Products and Medicines Bill)
New Stuff What’s new in the organic market place

New: Ask Kay – Your gardening queries answered by Kay Baxter
Herb Garden: Wonderful Watercress
Mission Possible Growing strange fruit 4: Surinam cherries
Garden Management As the days shorten
Vege of the Month Miner’s lettuce
Endosulphan top of ERMA’s list for reassessment
Moon Calendar May & June

Help for Growers OAP support packages
The Very Versatile Plum Growing your way to fat free
Some Plum Varieties to Try A guide to what’s on offer
Underground Allies Mycorrhizae in your soil

News from the Frontline Soil & Health campaign update
2007 Organics Conference “Our organic future”
Organic Showcase at Fieldays
AGM Notice
Coming Events

Driving Creek an organic cafe in Coromandel
The dangers of tea tree oil? we poke holes in the study
A Head of Nature organic hair salon
Good vibrations – sustainable toys for safe sex
Caustic cleaners you wont believe you’re using them
What to do with watercress some tasty recipes
Butter versus margarine the science on fats
Fresh air and noodles 4 final in our series of tales from China
Mud on the walls earth plastering for an easy care finish


March/April 2007

New Team at Koanga Changes at pioneering eco-community
1080 Reassessment moves to review common killer
New Therapeutics Authority High cost, draconian regulations
Around the World Our regular scientists’ watch on GE
Organic River Festival – The biggest organic event of the summer
Finding a New Balance Friends creating new type of community

New OZ Food Labelling Organic, fresh, natural must mean it
Birth of a Business Diary of an organic co-op’s journey
Cloned Food Anyone?
New Stuff – What’s new in the organic market place

Ask Kay: Do you have a gardening query?
Mission Possible Growing strange fruit 3: Pomegranates
Herb Garden: Radical Radish The quickest cure?
The Garden in Autumn Seeds of your future
Moon Calendar March
Moon Calendar April

The Big “P” The role and use of Phosphorus
Organic Arable Field Day Tips from the experts

News from the Frontline Soil & Health campaign update
Organic Advisory Programme Takes to the Road
GE Brassica Update
2007 Organics Conference “Our organic future – cottage or corporate”
Soil & Health Elections and AGM
A Big Thank You Readers back S&H appeal
Coming Events/Branch Reps

Zest: an organic cafe in Kerikeri
Vitamin D the science of what’s really “sun smart”
Sustainable snoozing the search for eco and child friendly bedding
Bokashi in schools a waste management revolution
Breast cancer prevention protecting yourself before it hits
Organics in the city – mini-ecosystem in a vegan backyard
Fresh air and noodles: Part 3 in our series of tales from China
Co-ops are they a good idea?


January/February 2007

Koanga Farewell – Kay Baxter and Family move on
Around the World Our regular scientists’ watch on GE
Organic River Festival Don’t miss January’s biggest event
Dream of a Different Way Cash rich, time poor …

Heat Treatment of Pulses MAF is killing our food to save it
Prize Draw Breakfast delivered to your door
Be in to Win We give away a case of great wines
New Stuff What’s new in the organic market place

Mission Possible Growing strange fruit: Loquats
Cabbages and Caulis – Need to go GE? A scientist’s critique
Herb Garden: Kale Cancer killer extraordinaire
The Whole Garden Planting in the heat
Moon Calendar January & February

New Organic Advisory Service Up and Going
Remembering John
News from the Frontline Soil & Health campaign update
Developments and Issues for OANZ
Moves to Send Complementary Health Control Offshore
2007 Organics Conference Sector wide, biggest yet
Coming Events/Branch Reps

Tea-Tree in NZ – Growing the good oil (New Zealand’s only certified oil producer)

Hair dye alternatives – a user trial product comparison
Deodorants – we put them to the test
The dangers of hair dyes if you need convincing
The difference in organic summer food
Serving kale
One-stop medicine kit – the myriad uses of tea tree oil
Fresh air and noodles – more realities of life and organics in China
Sustainable housing bus Hawke’s Bay eco-housing tours
Breast cancer the latest science on food – why isn’t it acknowledged in NZ
Naturally organic and growing – an organic success story