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November/December 2016


  • An organic future: how we get there In Part I, RK Rose looks at how organics is going mainstream
  • The Danish example
  • What can we learn from the Danes about increasing organic activity? Plenty, says Sol Morgan
  • Ready, set, grow!
  • Three top teachers offer their best advice for new food growers


  • Sharing the surplus by Sharon Stevens
  • More food, less work
  • Robert Guyton loves perennial vegetables
  • The taste of summer Denise Cox on growing corn
  • Moon Calendar for November and December. By Rachel Pomeroy

Health and Food

  • Making organic food more affordable
  • Bridget Scully looks at food co-ops, bulk buying & other strategies
  • Recipes perfect for sharing
  • Make your own coconut yoghurt, plus homemade kawakawa salve
  • Wearing the true cost of fashion. Niki Morrell investigates more sustainable clothing

Farming and Horticulture

  • Meet the fungi By Dr Tim Jenkins
  • Reaping abundance Theresa Sjöquist discovers Permadynamics, a sub-tropical wonderland.

Building and technology

  • Better timber choices
  • You have alternatives to CCA-treated pine, says Nick Holmes
  • The promise of cohousing Martin Freeth reports on the rise of cohousing among urban New Zealanders.

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September/October 2016

ONZ Magazine September October 2016 cover

• A lifetime of activism: Brendan Hoare and others share stories of Margaret Jones
• Healthy gut, healthy brain, by David Hodges
• Walking the talk: Theresa Sjöquist profiles the long-time environmentalist and Soil & Health member, Wayne Walker.
• 20 top tips for spring gardening, by Mike Bradstock 
• Grow your own spuds: R.K Rose gathers some expert advice about growing spuds in your backyard— and explains why it’s worth the effort.
• Edible gingers: Denise Cox looks at growing tumeric, myoga ginger and galangals in NZ
• Moon Calendar for September and October, by Rachel Pomeroy 
Health and Food 
• Superfoods for your brain, by Iris Huebler 
• An ancient remedy, by Pam Blowers 
• Recipes with spring
• Countering the endrocrine disruptors, by Sandra Clair
Farming and Horticulture
• Meet the fungi, by Dr Tim Jenkins
• A partnership model for farm succession. What happens to certified organic land when its farmers get old? Jeanette Fitzsimons shares her story.
Building and Technology 
• Eco-floored: R.K Rose explores healthy flooring options
• Living close to the land: Mary Ralston visits a special farm on Banks Peninsula
Science watch
• How to avoid fluoride in your water, by PSGR
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July/August 2016ONZ Magazine July August 2016 cover


·       Ecological eating from the inside out: The crisis in food and health, by Christine Dann

·       Digest this! Fibre facts and fiction, by Kyra Xavia

·       A pre-conception diet: Paving the way for a healthy child, by Bridget Scully

·       Bob Crowder: Aheadofhistime – profile of Soil & Health’s patron, by Matt Morris


·      Winter gardeningprojects: Cuttings, recipes and more, by Denise Cox

·       Learning to grow: What makes a successful school garden? asks Rebecca Reider

·       Moon calendar for July and August, by Rachel Pomeroy

Health and food

·       Cauliflower power: Health benefits and recipes, by Pam Blowers

·       Kawa Café, by Anissa Ljanta

·       Friend or foe? Autoimmune diseases, by Sandra Clair

·       Pressured into change:Diet and exercise for high blood pressure and pre-diabetes, by Diana Noonan

·       Raw cow’s milk for our baby grandson, by Janette Perrett

Farming and horticulture

·       Raising meat with compassion, by Peter E Rodgers

·       Meet the fungi: Zygomycota fungi, by Dr Tim Jenkins

·       Is rock dust the answer?asks Theresa Sjöquist

Building and technology

·       The festival that gives a shift, by Rebecca Reider

·       A NZ School of Natural Building, by Min Hall

Science watch

·       Bless your cotton socks: GE cotton


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May/June 2016ONZ Magazine May June 2016 cover


• Grow the love. Our organic wedding by Pounamu Skelton

• Live naturally, die naturally. The rise of natural funerals, by Lynda Hannah

• Eyes on the skies: Erin Evis investigates geoengineering

• Hungry for organics, Theresa Sjoquist explores the supply and price of organic food

• Quality food the eco-dynamic way – Wairarapa Eco Farm, a CSA, by Martin Freeth


•  Top tips for growing garlic, plus recipes by Denise Cox

• Grow great gardens with chicken manure, by Mike Bradstock

• From the archives: Putting up the autumn harvest, by Wayne Walker

• Moon calendar for May and June, by Rachel Pomeroy

Health and food 

• Kumara: sweet as, Health benefits and recipes by Pam Blowers

• Hapi Healthy Food, by Anissa Ljanta, includes paleo bread recipe

• Living cancer free, by Sandra Clair

• Less food for more health: Intermittent fasting, by Kyra Xavia

Farming and Horticulture

• Meet the fungi: the first in a new series, ‘Microbe Matters’, by Dr Tim Jenkins

• Dairy farming without nitrate leaching, by David Whyte 

Building and Technology

• Gabriella’s tiny house, by Bryce Langston

•·We can build better homes, by RK Rose

Science Watch

• Our environment is what we eat, by Dr Ian G McLean, Dr Ron Lopert, Jodie Bruning, Anne Parkinson, Bill Myhill and Clare Wilson


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March/April 2016ONZ Magazine March April 2016 cover


• Biointensive seed keeper: RK Rose profiles Jodi Roebuck
• Local food and seed in Aotearoa NZ, by Robina McCurdyand Rebecca Reider

• Savings pools: Fairly sharing money, by Frith Chamberlain


• Feed your family from the garden: Part 4,by Denise Cox. Includes recipes: carrot, kumara and cashew curry, and pontack sauce

• Pest-proof your garden: Dealing with possums, pūkeko, rabbits, rats and mice, by Denise Cox

• The techno-plastic garden, by Perry Spiller

• Moon calendar for March and April, by Rachel Pomeroy

Health and food

• Is your food being zapped? An update on food irradiation by Alison White

• Wise Cicada Café, by Anissa Ljanta, plus recipe: kale and apple salad

• Healing herbs forallergies, by Sandra Clair

• Slow down, you move too fast,by Kyra Xavia

Farming and horticulture

• Focus on fresh produce: The Opawa Farmers’ Market By Doug Hesp

• Mineral matters part 8: Trace elements, with a focus on iodine and cobalt, by Dr Tim Jenkins

Building and technology

•·Healthy low-energy homes: RK Rose investigates ‘passive houses’

•·DIY compost toilets,by Duncan Hill

Science Watch

• Three cups of tea: A significant source of fluoride,by Michael Godfrey


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January/February 2016Organic NZ Magazine Nov Dec 2015 cover

  • Marijuana is medicine, by Rebecca Reider
  • Organic for life: RK Rosevisits Soil & Health members Gary and Emily Williams
  • Rotorua recollections: Soil & Health’s Rotorua branch in the 80s, byMarie Lepper
  • Natural beekeeping with the Warré hive, by Nick Holmes


  • Feed your family part 3: Tomatoes and passionfruit, by Denise Cox
  • Holiday-proof your garden, by Mike Bradstock
  • Moon calendar for January and February, by Rachel Pomeroy

Health and food

  • Wondrous watermelon, by Pam Blowers
  • The art of kombucha, part 2, by RK Rose
  • Raw Planet: Organic juice and raw food bar, by Anissa Ljanta
  • Good habits for a healthy, happy life, by Sandra Clair
  • Less is more, by Kyra Xavia
  • Diet for 7 generations, by Michelle Yandle

Farming and horticulture

  • Small is beautiful: Laura Beck’s micro dairy farm, by Mary Ralston
  • Sweeter than wine: Organic molasses in farming, by Theresa Sjöquist
  • Mineral matters part 7: Foliar application, silicon and copper, by Dr Tim Jenkins

Building and technology

  • Living simply in a tent, by Bryce Langston
  • Cooking with sunshine: solar cookers, by Crispin Caldicott

Science watch

  • Dental amalgam and mercury poisoning Part 2, by Michael E Godfrey


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