Organic NZ Magazine 2021

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Organic NZ January/February 2021


  • Local food loop in the capital city: Kaicycle, by Jennifer Jevons, Kate WalmsleyRory Lenihan-Ikin and Ehsan Hazaveh 
  • Passion for plumsMartin Freeth profiles Jennie and Bob Crum of Windsong Orchard in Renwick 
  • Common groundHighlights from Matt Morris’ new book about Aotearoa’s gardening histories 


  • Let us eat flowersby Minette Tonoli 
  • Tips and tasks for the summer gardenbDiana Noonan 
  • Maramataka for Kohitātea and Huitānguru (January and February), by Liliana Clarke

Health and food

  • Summer recipes: Rose petal jam, seaweed dukkah, vegan ‘meatballs’ and creamy salad dressing 
  • Healthy weight lossDiana Noonan’s plant-based wholefood eating plan 
  • Herbs of the sea: Nourish and heal with superfood seaweeds, by Sara Mertens  

Farming and horticulture

  • A tale of two groves: Crispin Caldicott talks with veteran olive grower Peter Crelinsten 
  • Flamin’ weeds! David Whyte on using a hand-held flame weeder on his driveway 
  • How to identify and control guava moth, by Duncan Smith 

Building and technology

  • From the good earth: Greg Barron and Jin Ling’s poured earth house in Whangarei, by Theresa Sjöquist 


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