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2019 July – August Issue


  • Organics: The time is now! We need to lead the way, says Noel Josephson


  • From crop to shop: 30 years of teamwork – Trudy Kessels visitJanet Chambers and Judy Moss of JJ Organics in Napier 
  • Rabbits in an orchard ecosystem, by David Whyte 
  • Coping with chemo – naturallyDenise Cox shares the natural remedies she used alongside chemotherapy  


  • Tiny homes for plantsHow to build a cold frame for seeds and seedlings, by Duncan Hill 
  • Pruning subtropical fruit and grapevinesHow to prune avocados, citrus, feijoas, figs and grapevines, by Kath Irvine 
  • Moon calendar for July and August by Rachel Pomeroy 

Health and food 

  • Ready to roll: A mobile organic kitchen – Green Cuisine’s story and recipes  
  • Winter wellness: Ward off coughs, colds and flu – naturally, by Sandra Clair 
  • Reducing electrosmog exposureRicki’s road to recovery, by Anne Gastinger 

Farming and horticulture 

  • Hidden heroes: Fostering fungi for healthy plants, by David Whyte 
  • Tracking soil: Regular soil testing to track changes, by Dr Tim Jenkins   

Building and technology 

  • Future-proofing shelter: The climate-safe house project, by Scott Willis 


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