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Ta-daa! Announcing our big bold bumper issue – two magazines for the price of one, on sale now.
For OrganicNZ’s March/April issue we’ve teamed up with our friends at Harvests magazine, published by Biodynamics New Zealand, and created a back-to-back edition jam-packed with fabulous organic and biodynamic inspiration.
What’s inside?
Vandana Shiva of Navdanya International – all about food and seed sovereignty
Fabulous regenerative Manawatū vege growers Live2Give Organics
Gardening tasks for late summer / autumn
How to detox – naturally!
Recipes from Niva and Yotam Kay of Pākaraka Permaculture
Prizes to be won! And much more…
Pick up an issue in store at your local organic shop (request us if you don’t find a copy!) or from our website to find out everything else we have on offer this issue. Plus, enter our great competitions and read news from the organic world.
Mauri ora, grab a copy and dig in! Read the full contents list below.

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OrganicNZ March/April 2024

5 Editorial – The cost of convenience
6 Feedback – Your views and opinions
8 Community garden – What’s happening
12 Soil & Health NZ news – Updates and reports
13 Competitions – WIN organic prizes
18 Organic Week – Celebrating and promoting organics
60 Reviews – Online reviews and book releases
62 Explaining organics – Understanding pH

Healthy Soil / Oranga nuku 

14 To GE or not to GE: The choices and consequences
16 The battle for the future of food: The international push and resistance to gene technology.
22 Autumn gardening: Practical, seasonal advice from an experienced organic gardener.
28 Gardening by the moon and universe: A schedule to align your gardening tasks with natural forces.
32 Understanding roots: How the symbiotic relationships between roots work.

Healthy Food / Oranga kai 

38 Choosing your oils and fats: Of all choices, which benefits our bodies the most? A simple guide to the options, differences, and best uses, of various oils and fats.
36 Japanese wineberry: Introducing a self-sufficent bramble suitable for the forest gardens or the berry patch that has a delightful, tasty crop.
44 The Abundant Kitchen: A selection of recipes from Niva and Yotam Kay’s (of Pārakaraka Permaculture in the Coromandel) latest book to inspire delicious and different ways to preserve the autumn harvest.

Healthy People / Oranga tāngata  

50 Live2Give: How a business focused on philanthropy and organics has adapted, focused, and flourished.
48 Detox naturally: How your liver works and how to support its essential functions through lifestyle choices.
56 Matt Morris: Introducing the new co-chair of Soil & Health NZ, and his new book, Bob Crowder: A NZ organics pioneer.
10 Dr Vandana Shiva: One of the most significant environmental activists of our time is coming to NZ.

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