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The first issue of 2023 is here! Catch up on the latest in organics, from looking after our pollinators to reading the profiles of some of New Zealand’s great organic companies.
Read the inspirational story of Sikkim, the 100% organic state in northern India. Then delve straight into summer-soaked inspiration, including how you can plant and nurture our native pollinators, summer gardening tips for the heat, and practical recipes using seasonal fruit and vege. We look at the effects of alcohol on the body, and why organic wine is easier on the liver; eco-tourism and how to enjoy New Zealand while looking after it; and how to use intercropping and other practices to establish a robust and diverse soil biology. Not to mention three in-depth profiles of local New Zealand organic practitioners and companies!
Mauri ora, grab a copy and dig in!
What’s inside the January February 2023 issue:
  • Nourished for Nil: A Hawke’s Bay company that redirects waste into food for over 1200 families
  • Competitions: Win organic coffee, chocolate, body care, and a solar-powered plant waterer
  • Maramataka for Kohitātea and Huitānguru: January and February
  • Delicious recipes from Nicola Galloway, including delicious ice cream and easy pickling.

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Organic NZ January/February 2023

5 Editorial – An impossible dream?
6 Feedback – Your views and opinions
8 Community Garden – What’s happening in New Zealand organics
11 Competitions – Be in for some great prizes
56 Explaining organics – What does slow food mean
58 Green news – Organics in the world
60 100% OrganicThe organic state of Sikkim 

Healthy Soil / Oranga nuku 

12 Flowers that fly: Our New Zealand butterflies need food and habitat and their best source is your garden.  Here is what you can plant and how you can nurture our native beauties
18 Summer gardening: Practical ideas for your garden over summer.  How to keep it cropping, how to mitigate the summer heat, and how to use heat to kill weed seeds.  Plus tips on how to successfully start new seeds over summer and how to combat fungal disease
24 Maramataka: A guide to using the forces of the moon and traditional Māori lore in your garden.
28 The root of the matter: How to use intercropping, cover crops and living mulches to establish a robust and diverse soil biology 

Healthy Food / Oranga kai 

30 Nourished for Nil: The inspiring and amazing story of a Hawkes Bay project that diverts tonnes of waste from landfill and converts it into a much-appreciated resource.  How it started, how it grew, and how mostly volunteers have made it a success
36 Drink smart: Understand how alcohol is processed by your body, how to mitigate the effects and why organic wine is easier on the liver.  And is that glass of red wine really good for you?
40 Homemade Table: Use seasonal fruits and vegetables to make delicious and nutritious ice-cream and drinks or easily preserve them into pickles with practical recipes from Nicola Galloway 

Healthy People / Oranga tāngata  

48 Cost the earth: Tourism is an important part of our economy but can have an environmental cost.  Even before Covid-19 New Zealanders travelled and spent more than international tourists.  Here are some ideas and guidelines on how to enjoy our country without damaging it
52 Native oils: From propagating the plants to distilling them into skin care products, Maria Brocklebank shares a change of life journey that resulted in using the unique properties of our native plants to heal the body
54 Environmental activist: Jenny Lux walks the talk and talks the talk.  She tells how she is working on your behalf to ensure the future of organics in New Zealand is united, practical, affordable and accessible.