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Read our Matariki special! This issue features a host of stars, including Cathy Tait-Jamieson with a guest editorial on the economics of stargazing, Jessica Hutchings’ reflections on Matariki, and Clinton Chambers’ opportunity to bring the six principles of Hua Parakore to the consumer mainstream through the launch of the Real Meal Box, an organic meal kit.

What’s inside the July/August 2021 issue:

  • Nourishing our elders
  • Regenerative and organic agriculture
  • Winter gardening for July and August
  • Maramataka for Pipiri and Hōngongoi

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Organic NZ July/August 2021 


  • Matariki at our place: Dr Jessica Hutchings reflects on the celebrations and activities at her whānau farm
  • The best of both worlds: Martin Freeth finds common ground among organic and regenerative farmers
  • Grassroots and global: Chris and Jenny May’s life in organics, by Sue Gilmer
  • Learning by growing: A school garden in Riverton, by Hollie Guyton and Rebecca Perez


  • Winter gardening: Tips and tasks by Diana Noonan
  • A taniwha in the garden: A living willow sculpture, by Jen Rodgers
  • Maramataka for Pipiri, Hōngongoi and Hereturi Kōkā – July and August, by Liliana Clarke

Health and food

  • Organic meal in a box: NZ’s first organic, gluten-free, vegan, plastic-free meal kit, by Guy Frederick
  • Free-range food and medicine, from The Forager’s Treasury by Johanna Knox
  • Nourishing our elders, by Anne Gastinger
  • Beauty and the feast: Eutopia Café by Theresa Sjöquist
  • Recipes – mussel & quinoa fritters; fennel & almond soup; raw vegan bliss balls

Farming and horticulture

  • Soil under pressure: Diagnosing and curing compacted soils, by Dr Tim Jenkins
  • The rainforest of the sea: Trudy Kessels on AgriSea’s seaweed fertiliser and research

Building and technology

  • Low-tech living in a light-earth house at Otamatea Eco Village, by Theresa Sjöquist


  • Guest editorial by Cathy Tait-Jamieson; Letters; Things we like; News; Book reviews; Soil & Health news, events and contacts; What’s on; Competitions