National Council elections

The following nominations for National Council for the 2020-22 term were received:

  • Marion Wood
  • Bernie Mabbs
  • Ella Lawton
  • Hollie Guyton
  • Barbara Collis
  • Note: due to other commitments the nomination of Hollie Guyton was withdrawn prior to the ballot.

    Marion Wood, Bernie Mabbs, Ella Lawton and Barbara Collis were elected to National Council at the 2020 AGM.

    AGM Agenda

    • Welcome
    • Attendees and apologies
    • Minutes of 2019 AGM
    • Chair report
    • Financial report
    • Branch reports
    • General business (from the floor)
    • Election Results
    • Close meeting

    Agenda and documents

    The draft minutes of the 2020 AGM are available to read now: AGM Draft Minutes – 2020 (PDF, 918KB)

    Link to copy of agenda: AGM Agenda – 2020 (PDF, 817KB)


    National Council is proposing the following remits to allow more accessible AGM meetings in future. These will be put to the 2020 AGM for an ‘in principle’ decision; they will need to be ratified by an-in person SGM or future AGM when circumstances allow.

    Remit 1 
    That R6.1 of the Constitution be amended by the deletion of the words ‘not later than the 1st of August’.
    Rationale: This allows for greater flexibility in setting a date for the AGM.

    Remit 2 
    Insert the following rule: R6.2.1 General Meetings including Annual General meetings may be held by electronic means in such a manner as shall be resolved by the National Council.
    Rationale: To allow for virtual AGMs.

    Remit 3  
    Insert the following rule: R7.5 Voting may take place by electronic means in such a manner as shall be resolved by National Council. The existing R7.5 then becomes R7.6 with following rules re-numbered accordingly.
    Rationale: To allow for e-voting.