National Council elections

Nominations for National Council are currently open.

The deadline for nominations is May 31st.

Nominations can be emailed to: and require the nominee name, plus the name of a proposer and a seconder for the nominee (all must be members of the Soil & Health Association).

A short bio, and good head and shoulders photo, is also required.

Nomination form
You may use the nomination form here, which can also be emailed to

For more information about how to nominate, email

AGM Agenda

• Welcome
• Attendees and apologies
• Minutes of 2020 AGM
• Election of National Council
• Chair report
• Financial report
• Branch reports
• Legislation affecting the Association
• General business (from the floor)
• Election Results
• Close meeting


Draft minutes of the 2020 AGM

Further detail and documents will appear here soon.

Reports to AGM

Documents will appear here soon.

Soil & Health Association Financial Statements

Documents will appear here soon.

Group Financial Statements (including BioGro)

Documents will appear here soon.