New Zealand Organic Certification Bodies

BioGro Internationally recognised as New Zealand’s leading organic producer’s organisation and certification agency

OrganicFarmNZ is an organic certifier specialising in low cost certification for primarily small-scale growers supplying the New Zealand market.

Bio Dynamic Association in New Zealand manages the Demeter certification and promotes Rudolf Steiner’s principles for gardening and agriculture.

AsureQuality (previously AgriQuality) Organic certification agency and a State Owned Enterprise. The AsureQuality Standard is based on internationally recognised standards developed to allow market access to the USA, EU, Australia, Southeast Asia, UK and Japan.


New Zealand Organic Links

Te Waka Kai Ora – Maori organics in New Zealand

The Biological Husbandry Unit at Lincoln University is the oldest organic research centre in New Zealand.

Organic Pathways Your Online Guide to Organics in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Wwoof allows volunteers to stay on organic farms and join in with the various projects hosts are doing.

The ORGANICAG initiative delivers a range of services that support primary producers who wish to take advantage of the worldwide marketing opportunities for food and fibre that the consumer is willing to pay to know where and how their food/fibre has come from.

Sustainability Council of New Zealand – aims to protect and enhance New Zealand’s ecosystems and the health of New Zealanders by promoting sustainability and sustainable practices.


Overseas Organic Links

IFOAM – The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. The international body responsible for uniting the organic world. Works to promote organic growing and consumption. Audits and accredits organic certifiers around the world.

Soil Association The U.K. leading organic food and farming body.

HDRA Henry Doubleday Research Association. Now called ‘Garden Organic’. The UK’s leading organic gardening and research association.

Organic Federation of Australia

The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA)

Certified Organic Association of British Columbia Certified Organic Association of British Columbia, Canada

Organic Holidays Based in the UK, this site lists holiday accomodation on organic properties worldwide.

Welsh Institute of Rural Studies  University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK. The group is established as a leading centre in Europe for organic farming research.

Sustainable Development International (SDI) are a international organisation dedicated to raising awareness about corporate social responsibility and the translation of sustainable development policies into business practice. The website focuses on increasing awareness of the issues of sustainability practices. There are links to other informative websites along with a wealth of articles and resources.

Slow Food – a global, grassroots organization with supporters in 150 countries around the world who are linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment.

A Guide to Organic Food (and More) – A quick guide to food, farming, and clothing for those interested in organics

Living Non-GMO – The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building the non-GMO food supply, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices. Everyone has a right to know what’s in the food they’re eating and feeding their loved ones.

Australian Organic Schools – Free resources to help schools develop organic gardens


Pesticide/Herbicide Related Links

The Pesticide Action Network

Pesticide Action Network Asia & Pacific

Environmental Working Group Reports on pesticides and other environmental matters.

Environmental Working Group, Shopper’s Guide

National Pesticide Information Center Oregon State University and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Links to other databases and pesticide resources.

EXTOXNET Searchable database of pesticide factsheets provided by the University of California-Davis, Oregon State University, Michigan State University, Cornell University, and the University of Idaho.

Organic Consumers Association

Resources for the Chemically sensitive A wide variety of information on health issues and treatments for the chemically sensitive person, alternatives to toxics, publications, etc.

US EPA Chemical References Index Links to the US EPA’s Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS). IRIS contains chemical health risk assessments and regulatory information. Also links to The Environmental Defense Fund’s Chemical Scorecard site. This provides profiles of chemicals and summarises information about health effects, hazard rankings, industrial and consumer product uses, environmental releases and transfers, risk assessment values and regulation.

The Weed Killer Crisis An independent organization tracking the unfolding health and legal crisis surrounding exposure to weed killer products.


Genetic Engineering Links

GE Free NZ – Campagning to keep New Zealand ge free in food and environment.

Physicians and Scientists for Global Responsibility – promotes education, research and analysis, and public debate on GE. The New Zealand branch is part of an international movement.

Alliance for Bio-Integrity

E Ann Clark – Professor of Plant Agriculture at Guelph University, Ontario has presented many interesting papers on the inherent flaws of GE and biotechnology in agriculture. – Steve Druker, Public Interest Attorney, USA. An informative site for those wanting more info about the anti-GE debate.

The Fallacy of Seeking to Control Nature With Genetically Engineered Organisms – A submission to the NZ Commissioner for the Environment in response to an invitation to comment on proposals for GE control of possums in New Zealand.

Prince of Wales Website – Information on organic pholosophies, genetic engineering, and social reforms.


Health Related Links

Aspartame Watchdog Information dealing with a range of Aspartame induced health problems from brain tumours and multiple sclerosis to Alzheimer’s and neurological symptoms.

MCS Referral & Resources Chemical Sensitivity Reource finder.

Nutrition Awareness – Practical information for improving your health.

Feed Me Right – Food nutrition and organic gardening