dung beetle

Amber light for dung beetles?

Organic NZ Magazine: May/June 2014
Section: Farming and horticulture
Author: Dr Nick Waipara
dung beetle
Copris lunaris: one of the dung beetle species approved for release in New Zealand. The dung beetle is the only insect known to navigate using the Milky Way.
Photo: Siga / Wikimedia Commons

Dr Nick Waipara explores the biosecurity issues of introducing exotic dung beetles onto organic farms in New Zealand.

Recent months have seen the first of a series of releases of exotic dung beetles on New Zealand farms. Organic farmers potentially have much to gain from dung beetles, but may also be vulnerable should dung beetle introductions have unwelcome side-effects. So, should organic farmers (and the rest of us) be concerned about new dung beetle introductions, and if so, why?

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