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Soil & Health National Councillors – for 2016/2017 term:

Soil & Health’s National Council members are voted in for a two-year term.

Marion Thomson and Moko Morris will be continuing on as National Councillors for Soil & Health Assn, fulfilling their second elected year of the two year elected cycle period.

Chris Morrison who was also elected on the National Council to serve another year will be standing down at this year’s AGM.  After ten years on the BioGro council and a three years on Soil & Health National Council, Chris will be fully focussing on his business commitments.

From the current Soil & Health National Council, Matt Morris will be re-standing.

The new candidates standing for election for Soil & Health National Council are:

From BioGro Society:     Mark Houghton-Brown and Gareth Ingram

New nominations:          Chris May, Graham Clarke and Mike Ryan

For more information on the AGM and the proposed Soil & Health/BioGro merger, please follow this link HERE.

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Organic NZ latest issue


November/December 2016

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Organic NZ looks at the state of the (organic) nation. What sectors are growing, which aren’t — and why? What does it mean for consumers and producers? Plus, what you can do at a community and household level to grow organics in New Zealand. Our writers offer advice on community sharing tables, on helping more people grow their own food and how to make organic food more affordable through forming co-ops and bulk buying.



• We visit Permadynamics, an extraordinary sub-tropical permaculture property created on steep hillsides and hard clay
• Sustainable fashion choices
• Make your own coconut yoghurt (and kawakawa salve!)
• Growing corn, including heritage varieties to try (and where to find seed)
• The rise of cohousing
• Alternatives to treated timber

PLUS: the ever-popular moon calendar (“super moon” in November!), news, great competition prizes including Thunderpants, Dr Tim Jenkins on garden fungi and more… see full contents.

Media Releases

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

MEDIA RELASE from the Soil & Health Association of NZ