Living the change

A new film shines the spotlight on our organic and sustainable heroes. Philippa Jamieson finds out more.

Climate change… la la la la la. Environmental destruction – I know, it’s terrible! Social breakdown, economic collapse, help, what do we do? Living the Change is a documentary that features courageous Kiwis with practical solutions to these massive problems.

Voluntary simplicity

Jordan Osmond and Antoinette Wilson of Happen Films: “The approach we’ve taken is what can individuals do in their daily life to make changes? The driver of change will come from the grassroots.” Photo: Jason Hosking

Filmmakers Antoinette Wilson and Jordan Osmond are themselves trying to ‘live the change’, in a 20m2 room at the end of a shed on a friend’s land near Katikati. The place isn’t plumbed; they have a bucket and use rainwater, but it’s palatial by comparison to where they were.
The pair met three years ago at a year-long community project in Victoria, Australia, learning how to live simply, grow food and build tiny houses. Jordan filmed the project and A Simpler Way was the documentary that resulted.

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