Magnesium: The life and death mineral

Organic NZ Magazine: November/December 2012 Section: Features Author: Dee Pignéguy    

Dee Pignéguy shows how important magnesium is for our health.

The death in February 2010 of Ms Natasha Harris of Invercargill, just 30 years of age, made headlines when her partner told the news media that she died as a result of her addiction to drinking coke. The Guardian headline ‘Coca-Cola habit linked to New Zealander’s death’, was just one example of the worldwide coverage.
Pathologist Dr Dan Morin told the court main the cause of Ms Harris’ death was cardiac arrhythmia, but she also had a lack of potassium in the blood, which caused severe hypokalemia (NZ Herald, 20 April 2012).

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